India-US partnership has never been more important: American Corporate Leader

Describing the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as highly successful, a top American corporate leader has said that the partnership between the two largest democracies of the world has never been more important than it is today.

“Both governments are deeply committed to creating greater economic opportunity for their citizens. The partnership between the US and India has never been more important,” ” said John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco and chairman of the US India Business Council (USIBC). Chambers said in his address to the annual meeting of the top industry advocacy group which represents the voice of US businesses having a footprint in India.

Chambers said “I am incredibly proud of the impact we have had so far in driving economic growth, job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in both nations, and we look forward to shaping the future of both countries by doubling down on our efforts in the years to come”.

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