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    Attempts to erase Hindu culture and identity!

    Intelligence agencies sounded a high alert to Tamil Nadu after it was learnt that one of Sri Lanka's notorious drug lords, 'Kanjipani' alias Mohammed Imran had entered the country through coastal Rameswaram

    By T.S. Venkatesan

    The recently concluded traditional Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu , which show caused the valour  of youth,  has some heart burning things made by the Dravidian stock or model government.  This is the first time the bulls entered the arena without vermillion and sandal paste smeared on their forehead, garlands on their necks, paintings on their horns.   In continuation of its anti-Hindu and erasing Hindu culture and customs, the DMK government has ordered bull owners to strictly adhere to the above directions.

    Jallikattu, a traditional valour sport, it is being organised from time immemorial.  It is organised across Tamil Nadu as part of Pongal celebrations. They start on Mattu Pongal (worshipping and feeding of Pongal to cows and bulls) and are held in a grand way.  Tourists from foreign countries come to witness the Jallikattu events at Alanganallur, Palamedu and Avaniyapuram in Madurai in large numbers. They are very famous for the huge number of bulls and bull tamers participating. But of late self proclaimed animal lovers and organisations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have started their opposition against Jallikattu. They are like Amnesty International and other human rights outfits which only voice when there is a minor attack on minorities but turning blind eyes if it happened to Hindus. “ PETA, which never objected to the killing of goats, chickens and camels during Ramzan, bakrid and other minority festivals in large numbers” points out Arumuga Kani, VHP TN media wing in charge.   “After the ban on Jallikattu ,the famous Marina protests by naxals , Muslims, Dravidian parties with international help in 2017 and the eventual ordinance to allow it, the government started interfering in the organising and arrangement aspects of the sport. These outfits object use of crackers during diwali and other Hindu festivals by raking up one sided baseless contentions” he adds further.

    Now a blatant open attempt to erase the Hindu identity, culture, custom, the M K Stalin led DMK government has ordered some restrictions to the bull owners prior to event.  District collectors and police officials were ordered to ensure compliance of the above.

    Madurai based advocate Srinivasan said  “ Christian converts who have either foot in Christian and Hindu principles and cannot give up customs and traditions practiced since time immemorial have started organising Jallikattu after getting blessings from Christian priests. These events are bereft of any Hindu identity. That is the reason, the DMK government, came out with this fiat to show its gratitude for their voting.

    Members of  Jallikattu Payirchi Maiyam (Jallikattu Training Centre ) strongly opposed the direction not to use Kumkum, Chandan, or turmeric.  In Madurai on 2nd January, they thronged the Madurai Collectorate seeking the intervention of authorities to protect the culture and tradition of the traditional sport.   Some of them were found  wearing a string of bells around their neck and carried flags bearing images of taming a bull, rose garlands, sandal paste and  kumkum (vermilion)  powder. B Manikanda Prabu alias ‘Mudakkathan Mani’, president of the centre, said the traditional practice of adorning bulls, which take part in jallikattu, with a string bells around their neck, garlands and also with sandal paste, kumkum powder and  Vibuthi (holy or sacred ash) on their forehead, has been gradually fading since 2017 as fresh restrictions were imposed. However, bulls adorned with all these things were disallowed from participation through ‘vaadivaasal’ last year.

    He said  “ all these bells, garland, sandal paste, kumkum or sindhoor powder and sacred ash are considered holy and commonly found on idols of gods and goddesses worshipped in temples, anticipating victory. Every bull in the contest is regarded as a warrior fighting in a battle. Prior to participation in jallikattu, the participants offered prayers along with adorned bulls in temples in Alanganallur, Palamedu and Avaniyapuram. Therefore, jallikattu is not confined to the festival of Pongal, but also highly revered for its tradition and culture associated with temples, which enshrine nature gods and patron gods”.

    Srinivasan says  “as its attempts to totally banish Jallikattu through foreign funded NGOs failed, the church seems to have taken what help it could in erasing its Hindu identity. It will succeed in gradually making the sport and, thus, the Hindu tradition extinct if it is allowed to have its way”.

    Kani said that Tamil Nadu government has a strong aversion for saffron colour. In a recently held  welfare function of the village temple poojaries (priests)  attended by Chief Minister Stalin, the authorities have banned the poojaris from wearing saffron dress and ordered them to wear white dhoti and shirt. Saffron dress is the hall mark of saints, sadhus in Bharat. Kani said, earlier TN government has changed the colour of saint Thiruvalluvar from saffron to white after removing janeu ( sacred thread). Also Vallallar picture appeared sans his trademark sacred ash on his forehead. He cited that DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi asked one of his MP on seeing a kumkum mark on his forehead asked was it a blood oozing out?.  “ But all of Karunanidhi’s family and members of Dravidar Kazhagam family, could be seen sporting vermilion, wearing mangalsutra and conduct ceremonies with Brahmin prohits but quite opposite what they preach in public” he explained.

    At Pillaiyarpuram near Nagercoil, Hindus were not allowed to celebrate pongal in front of their houses by Christians.  It is a tradition Hindus would cook Pongal on the open court or in front of their houses. It is worship for Sun to show their gratitude.  Earlier in Hyderabad a Christian woman objected to drawing Kolams by a Hindu family in an apartment. She allegedly hit the Hindu family members and subsequently arrested.

     Like Christians, Muslims,  where they are more in numbers,  would object Hindus following their  traditions and customs. Like objecting Vinayagar Chathurthi procession where mosques, churches or houses of their community are located. No bursting of crackers,  beating of drums, no permission to candidates of BJP and its allies to canvass during  polls, RSS route march etc. Police denied permission to take out Tricolour flag march on 15th August this as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahostav . The Madras HC last year asked the organisers of the Vinayagar Chathurthi to get NoC from Muslim Jamaats. 

    Srinivasan also points out “organising Samathuva Pongal (community Pongal) by the Dravidians, left and sundry outfits with the participation of all religions including Muslims and Christians is another attempt to make it an event of Tamils and not of Hindus. Can they organise such event of Minority communities with the participation of Hindus?.  Karunanidhi declared Tamil month Thai ( pongal day) New Tamil Year instead of Chithirai.  Christian and Muslims are against the worship of idol or nature. They strictly follow “only God principle” .  Both the DMK and the AIADMK always ensured the presence of Muslims, Christians while giving Pongal hamper launching functions and a photo shoot with them”.

    “ Stalin’s son and Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin said recently, “ My wife is a Christian. So I am. This (my statement) would make heart burns among Sanghis( BJP, RSS cadres). But his mother is going temple after temple to pray”.  Stalin, his son, Speaker of TN Assembly M Appavu, Ministers Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, Mano Thangaraj and others openly say “it is the government for the Christians and it is their government”, he cited further. 

    In a video that went viral, “ TN HR and CE minister Sekar Babu in a function was  seen  asking the guests to say “allaelooyaa allaelooyaa”.   Last year one Christian pastor George Ponnaiah said DMK came to power because of their pittance (alms). He was referring their votes. “  Right from the CM’s secretariat to down the line, all key posts are being held by Christians including police force”, he said.  T N BJP chief K Annmalai accused ADGP ( Intelligence)  S Davidson Devasirvatham of promoting conversion in the state through his handpicked officers and wanted action against him for his role in fake passport case. 

    Hindu outfits claim of “TN is fast emerging as a Christian state like Goa, north eastern states, Kerala if the designs of Dravidian model government is allowed unfettered” can’t be ignored. “ Here anti-nationals, Naxals, drug smugglers, terrorists, and separatist outfits are thriving with the official blessings. Intelligence agencies sounded a high alert to Tamil Nadu after it was learnt that one of Sri Lanka’s notorious drug lords, ‘Kanjipani’ alias Mohammed Imran had entered the country through coastal Rameswaram. He is still untraceable” kani and srinivasan said.


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