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HomeNewsDMK government vindictive and stifling of critics by foisting cases continue..!

DMK government vindictive and stifling of critics by foisting cases continue..!

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T.S. Venkatesan

DMK government vindictive and stifling of critics by foisting cases continue.  Annamalai, north based journalists are now facing cases for sharing alleged fake clip of attack on migrant workers but its supportive  media is sparred !

It is like “Satan quotes scriptures”, the Dravidian stock or model government, which accused the centre of destroying the freedom of press, the Tamil Nadu police on 5th booked three people including an editor of the Dainik Bhaskar in Bihar for allegedly spreading fake news on migrant workers being attacked in Tamil Nadu. On Friday, several videos of Hindi speaking migrant workers being brutally thrashed went viral on Twitter in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. On 7th  a case against web portal OpIndia’s chief executive officer and editor on charges of “spreading fake news” about targeted violence against migrant labourers has been registered.

DMK never follows what it preaches.  It would speak one thing while out of power and take a ‘ u- turn’ after assuming power. It has the track record of attacking media houses in the past for articles critical of its functioning. During a family dispute, Sun TV group’s Tamil daily office was set fire by DMK cadres in which three employees killed. 

Now in the north Indian workers case, Stalin himself spoke ills about them before the assembly polls but now changed his stand after Bihar CM Nitish kumar said Stalin can play a role in national politics and stand for PM post.  The new bound joy and dream made him to adjust with the North Indian leaders. Now Stalin and his alliance partners, who have since turned patrons for migrant workers, assured their safety would be their first priority.    They know if they go out of the state, industrial production will come to standstill.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin earlier hit out at the BJP-led Union government over IT surveys at BBC offices Taking to Twitter the Tamil Nadu chief minister tweeted, “Those misusing the people’s mandate and are responsible for destroying Indian Democracy and Freedom of Press should remember that the people of this country are silently watching you and will give a fitting lesson in the impending elections.”.  Earlier in a meeting of party MPs before the budget session,  CM Stalin urged that members should place strong arguments over the BBC documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots.

But he can’t digest the truth of how North Indians were treated and mounting attacks on them by DMK allies and its media.   It is important to note the words of poll strategist. DMK’s political strategist Prashant Kishor said these incidents are real and should not be ignored. He has accused Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Tejasvi Yadav of lying and promised to release original videos of migrant workers attacked in Tamil Nadu in two days to expose his lies. He also claimed that Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister misled members in the assembly in this issue.

TN police has filed cases against him under section 153, 153A,505(i)(b), 505(i)(c) and plan to add more IPS sections to make it stronger. It would soon summon him for questioning. He dared and gave 24-hr ultimatum to arrest him.   TN government also booked a case against BJP IT wing in Bihar @BJP4Bihar for spreading rumours about attacks on Bihar natives in TN.

Three people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were booked by the Tamil Nadu police under IPS 153 (A), 596 (i)(b), 153 (b), 505 (ii)(b) and IT 56 (D) based on three separate complaints. Prashant Patel Umrao, a BJP spokesperson from Uttar Pradesh who works as the Standing Counsel in the Supreme Court for the Goa government, an unnamed editor of the Dainik Bhaskar from Bihar and a small-time journalist Mohammed Tanvir from Bihar were booked under the Information Technology Act for spreading “fake news” and offences relating to promoting enmity and disharmony.

Avadi city police commissionerate said the case was registered against the portal’s (OP India) CEO Rahul Roushan, editor Nupur Sharma and other staffers on a complaint by Suryaprakash, divisional secretary of the ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s (DMK) IT cell that their posts on Twitter were creating apprehension among migrant workers.

The intolerant DMK government since assuming power, it has been going after its critics and other individuals who criticize the party and its leaders on social media. It arrested you tuber Kishore K Swamy, a prominent political commentator known for his anti-DMK stance was arrested on 21 November 2022.  Earlier he was arrested on June 14, 2021, for allegedly ‘defaming’ DMK leaders MK Stalin, Karunanidhi and Annadurai.  you tubers like Maridhas, Karthik Gopinath, BJP leader Kalyanaraman  were arrested . Some of them were slapped with goondas act.  The list is too long.

Twitter has allegedly taken down a meme that made fun of the ‘dynastic succession’ in the DMK party, featuring former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, his son and present Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin and grandson Udhayanidhi Stalin who is now a Minister in his father’s government..

The Tamil Nadu police, which has not arrested DMK functionary Shivaji Krishnamoorthy who had abused and threatened to shoot down Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi with terrorists, went all the way to Gujarat to arrest a BJP cadre who had made satirical social media posts on Chief Minister MK Stalin and his father late Karunanidhi.  No action against a man who abused and threatened to kill TN Governor.  But the Tamil Nadu police arrested John Ravindranath alias John Ravi, son of Soundrarajan, after he tweeted taking jibes at DMK leaders MK Stalin and Karunanidhi.

Leader like DK leader K Veeramani, former DMK MP RS Bharati,  VCK chief Thol Thirumavalavan and you tube channels that made disparaging rhetoric on Hindu gods, spiritual beliefs ,who face cases , are yet to be proceeded with law. 

The following list would suggest DMK’s double standards in dealing with the critics over north Indian migrant workers issue.

Several YouTube channels have been spewing hate against migrant workers in the state, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and fuelling bigotry. The content on these channels is often filled with misinformation, propaganda, and vitriol aimed at dehumanising and denigrating migrant workers.

Parisaalan, known for peddling baseless conspiracy theories, setting false narratives, warns that the migrant worker population is an “angry” crowd that would support “Aryans” and Brahmins and could potentially change the politics of the state. He goes on to compare migrant workers with what he calls an “invasive species”, suggesting that they will take over local resources and establish their own colonies.

Jeeva Today youtube channel, bases this video on the Nakkheeran article and furthers the agenda of the journal. Jeeva Sahapthan who is a Christian and anti-modi, calls Uttar Bharat Bhavan an “embassy” for north Indians in Tamil Nadu. The Youtuber claims that the e-SHRAM card is only for North Indians and that it is a form of protection for them. The video urges Tamilians to wake up from hibernation and stop the supposed takeover. The creator also claims that North Indians are taking over Tamil Nadu’s businesses, land, and livelihoods and that they will eventually start ruling the state. The video spreads hatred towards North Indians and promotes Tamil nationalism, identity, and language. It warns of the danger posed to lower communities and asks why North Indians are taking away Tamilian jobs. The claims made in the video are untrue and contribute to xenophobia toward migrant workers.

In a video in YouTube channel Liberty Tamil, Jeeva Sagapthan peddles that economic and cultural exploitation along with erasure of identity is happening in Tamil Nadu. “In Tamil Nadu, population of north Indians are going to go up. If there are more north Indians, national parties will have more influence and influence of Dravidian parties will go down.” He says that if north Indians begins to vote, parties like DMK, AIADMK, PMK, VCK will disappear. He and his mother Oviyaa,a staunch Dravidar Kazhagam functionary makes false news on migrant workers.

U2 Brutus, a Tamil YouTube channel run by followers of EV Ramasamy Naicker is well-known for its video content disparaging the Hindu faith. The channel run by one ‘Minor’ Vijay is a vociferous supporter of the DMK.

Aramental, a YouTube channel, is seen to be creating videos mocking “sanghis” and “vadakkans”. It uses the Tamil film song to poke fun at the financial status and lifestyle of North Indians in their hometowns. The creator of the channel justifies the idea that Tamilians study and hence look for better jobs and claims that menial jobs are best suited for North Indians.  He had released a video titled “Shall we chase away Vadakkans?”.  Vadakkan, beeda mouth wala and Pan bark wala, are  a slur for north Indians.

Saattai Duraimurgan claims that people from the north are entering the state in the guise of workers and indulging in criminal activities such as ATM theft, chain snatching, and peddling ganja as indicated by politician Seeman. He goes on to talk about north Indians preferring to travel without tickets.  Another you tube channel Seigal , says in a video, a panipuri seller is shown bringing in his family and friends to sell different food items outside a Tamilian’s house. Months later, the entire street becomes “Vadakkan Theru(street) ” and the Tamilian retaliates. The panipuri seller then asks his associate to take out the “naatu thuppaki(country made rifle) ” implying that people from the north are violent and believe in using guns.

Idumbavanam Karthik, a Naam Tamilar cadre, has been spreading hatred against North Indians by uploading random videos from crowded places, such as markets or railway stations, and claiming that North Indians are flooding into Tamil Nadu in large numbers, which has no veracity.

Vel Murugan founder of Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi, an ally of the ruling DMK and is an elected MLA from Panruti, is  a rabid Tamil chauvinist party is known for peddling hate against north Indians and Brahmins in every stage he speaks. He had even stuck xenophobic poster asking north Indian migrant workers to leave the state.

In an interview with RedPix 24×7, self-proclaimed activist Thirumurugan Gandh, pro LTTE and a rabid xenophobic Tamil chauvinist, alleged that the BJP was facilitating the influx of migrant workers from north India to Tamil Nadu with an eye on creating a future vote bank. There are several such instances of this channel peddling hate against north Indian migrant workers. There are many more such channels, weeklies like Nakkeeran,  which continue to spew venom everyday but the DMK government spare them but targets only BJP and rightwing supporting media.  It is not fit for democracy and good governance.

“DMK and its allies, who accuse BJP and PM Modi as autocrat, anti-Tamil, fascist, anti-minority, against freedom of press, expression and writing should see their image in front of a mirror before show accusing fingers at others”  says  journalist Senkottai Sriram.  

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