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DMK plays anti-Brahmin card to divert attention

They coined a new term called Nooliban “ to refer to Brahmins. Nool means sacred thread’ worn by Brahmins.

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-T.S. Venkatesan

Whenever DMK is cornered or challenged, it would flash the caste card to get sympathy or spews venom on Brahmins making them paramount factors for the all evils the state is facing.  Present CM Stalin is no different from his father to use this time tested formula. He, his ministers and allies including Congress are now targeting Brahmins and no fault of them.  It is a well calculated move to brand BJP as party of Brahmins and for Brahmins through its controlled media, leaders and allies aimed at denting its growth and its 2024 electoral prospects. The truth-‘ DMK government is for minorities and by the minorities’ as admitted  by CM Stalin.

DMK spokesperson Rajiv Gandhi while responding to a political commentator on Twitter said “Had only the Shudras carried out Periyar’s instructions, they wouldn’t have to fight with people like you today to get justice, employment, rights, education, employment and equality. At 3% you are still encroaching a lot of the space.”.

“The said Secretary has declared that Brahmins of Tamil Nadu should be subject to genocide as was recommended earlier by the Founder of the “Dravidian” movement led by E.V. Ramaswami Nayakar (known as Periyar to the DMK). This threat directly impinges on the fundamental rights of the so-called Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu and could affect also the said Brahmin community’s voting rights out of fear so that they would not go to vote in elections, making it easier for the DMK to get elected in several constituencies.”, Dr. Swami wrote in his letter to Election Commission urging it to debar DMK for its hate speech.

“The DMK, which came to power in 1967 on its knees to a Brahmin named Rajaji, criticized Indira Gandhi as the Kashmiri Pappathi (papadmi) and came to power in 1971 in alliance with the same Brahmin. In the 2021, election it paid Rs.350 crores to Bihari Brahmin Prashant Kishor to win the assembly elections. it’s legal advisers, auditors, doctors, former IAS officer Guhan and like  are none other than Brahmins with international refute. When it comes to elections, it would never field any Brahmin candidates” says VVS Manian.

Finance Minister PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan has once again spewed venom on social media, this time on a woman journalist.   Chandra R Srikanth, an Editor with the financial and business news website Money control, had put out a tweet on (May 25 saying that a top leader’s son is involved in a mega land grab. Responding to her post, the minister said “Does she have any idea of Chennai property prices? How could anyone buy every property over 5 crore (100s of them). Such illogical rumor mongering would be shameful for a journalist (allegedly editor now). But usual wage-work for covert agents, especially of certain (thread) ilk.. Many have pointed out that the ‘thread ilk’ in Palanivel Thiagarajan’s tweet is a vile reference to Brahmins who wear janeu.

DMK organization secretary RS Bharathi had recently criticized Annamalai and the Brahmins.  ‘I warn Annamalai that my horoscope is a bad horoscope. If I sue you will go inside. I have left Annamalai since I was a little boy. We have left Annamalai because of that feeling of being a non-Brahmin leader. Even the Brahmins are skilled in digging pits.

BJP state vice-president Narayanan Tirupati has responded to his criticism. “Your horoscope is a bad horoscope, RS Bharathi,” he tweeted. Get ready to go to jail soon at an early age. Annamalai Chinnappaiyan is not the lion leader. The lion who came to chase away the dwarf fox named DMK. That is why the DMK is making death threats against him. “DMK cowards who continue to attack the community in the hope that the Brahmins will not retaliate. Abandon the nefarious politics of denigrating a caste. Otherwise the consequences are paradoxical” he warned him.

Bharati  said in  last year “Naai (dogs) and Pei (evil spirits) have started talking now. If H.Raja, (*beep*), a Brahmin, (*beep*), dares to come on television and talk… if I weren’t given the responsibility of an office bearer in the party I would most certainly have become a terrorist…I’m telling frankly people of other states are stupid….those in the Northern states don’t have any sense. These Iyers( temple priests) are living on our money only. The Supreme Court has become a camp of RSS”

“DMK’s anti-Brahmin bigotry hardly registers despite the shocking hate targeted at a 3 percent micro-minority community Tamil Nadu. It has a striking similarity with Nazis propagated against the Jews. Dravidar Kazhagam, DMK, VCK, left and fringe outfits have been successful in spreading that dominant Brahmins are root cause for oppression of Shudras, Dalits and branding them as, ‘Aryan invaders’- a lie propounded by Robert Cardwell to divide the Hindus. Dravidian parties which has been ballyhooing that they have fighting for a casteless society is the one which stood for castes to garner reservation benefits and fight elections.  When faced with coruption charges or cornered, former CM Karunanidhi would use caste card saying since he was a Shudra, they are targetting him.

Rangarajan Mohan Kumaramangalam, the President of Tamil Nadu unit of All Indian Professional Congress, sharing a screenshot of NDTV’s headline about Nupur Sharma allegedly being ‘untraceable’, Kumaramangalam said “First Komal Sharma and now Nupur Sharma. These Sharmas are a shy lot or Is RSS now Rescue Sharmas Sangh. “Not every Muslim is a terrorist, in the same way not every Brahmin is a Sanghi”, the Congress symapthizer Shanker Pandey had tweeted. Kumaramangalm tweet is also being seen in the light of a non-Brahmin dominant caste resorting to Brahmin baiting, which the Dravidian elite upper castes are known for.

They coined a new term called Nooliban “ to refer to Brahmins. Nool means sacred thread’ worn by Brahmins.

 “The higher caste dominant Mudaliyar is known for its strong Brahminmisia and Dalits hatred in their blood. Right from justice party founders, CN Annadurai, Arcot Lakshmanaswamy brothers, Nedunchezhian, Anbhazhagan, RS Bharati are from the Mudaliar caste. By opposing Brahmins and Dalits, they have garnered  all key posts in the Government till Jayalalithaa in whose period Sasikala community people had occupied all important posts” points out journalist Praveen. DMK’s using anti-Brahmin card is an attempt to queers BJP’s pitches and brand it as a Brahmin party and to divert its failures.

உடனுக்குடன் தினசரி தமிழ்ச் செய்திகளை உங்களது டெலிகிராம் ஆப்.,பில் பார்க்கலாம்!
தினசரி செய்திகள் சேனலில் இணையுங்கள்!


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