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HomeNewsSaffronization of Charminar has just begun!

Saffronization of Charminar has just begun!

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Some Observations On The GHMC Elections 2020:

1) Postal ballots heavily in favour of BJP. Almost 65% of seats had BJP leading during Postal ballot counting. Government workers are turning against the ruling party TRS. This is significant.

2) Cong has less wins/leads than the number of fingers on its hand symbol! Remember Congress ruled undivided AP from Hyderabad for decades.

3) No more screaming about “EVM fraud” possible. BJP is increasing its tally by almost 11 fold, even on paper ballots (EVM not used due to COVID)!

4) TRS won Telangana in 2014 as a reward for forming a new state. TRS gobbled up TDP and Congress between 2014 and 2018, and decimated any opposition. So 2018 was a big win. But since then, BJP cleverly positioning itself as an alternative to TRS. 2019, 2020 Dubakka and now 2020 GHMC showing results. Clearly the honeymoon period over for TRS. 2023 won’t be easy. You have big competition now!

5) Gachibowli, which has Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, CMC and scores of other IT big names, voted for BJP! A huge setback for the IT Minister and son of Telangana CM, KTR of TRS. Gangadhar of BJP won in the GHMC election there. His sister Kavita lost election before. His cousin lost recently. Telangana is slowly rejecting family rule now.

6) Owaisi’s party was challenging Modi and Shah to “come to Hyderabad”. And they have arrived! They are almost neck and neck with MIM in Owaisi’s home turf! Big mistake by Owaisi to challenge BJP that way..

7) “Telugu” Desam party, which ruled from Hyderabad not long ago under Chandra Babu Naidu, is in “Om Shanti” mode now.. Completely decimated.

Overall, Telangana will change big time from this point onwards. South Indian politics will change too..

Saffronization of Charminar has just begun. 😜

  • Jayamani P


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