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HomeNewsDMK Hooligans attack Kerala BJP workers in TamilNadu!

DMK Hooligans attack Kerala BJP workers in TamilNadu!

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Kerala BJP cadre, who were returning from Achankoil after campaigning Kerala state local body elections, were attacked last night in Kattalaikudiyiruppu near Sengottai, Kerala border, allegedly by DMK goondas.  

In Kerala, local body elections are to be held in three phases. The day of polling in the first phase will be on December 8, followed by second phase on 10 and the final phase on December 14. Votes will be counted on 16th December. A high voltage no- holds- barred high-pitch campaign is going on. BJP is contesting in almost all wards. Like Bihar and the recent Hyderabad Corporation election, BJP may emerge victorious by getting more number of seats. A large number women are contesting in this election.

BJP cadres from Kerala campaigning for their candidates. They go in a vehicle and return at night. On Saturday night (5th December), after campaigning in AcchanKoil area in Kollam district, they were returning in a  Jeep on Senkottai road. Their vehicle was going to Aryankavu area. This is the only route, vehicle can go to Aryankavu from Achankoil as they are divided by a hill.  

When their vehicle was nearing KattalaiKudiyirupu near Sengottai, occupants of a DMG flag tide car and two wheeler borne men intercepted and surrounded BJP campaign vehicle. They started hit the car and the occupants in the BJP campaign vehicle. They used abusive language and torn the BJP flag. They attacked the driver of the campaign Van (Jeep) Subhash and another occupant.

After hearing their cries, people from nearby areas run towards the spot. The occupants of the Jeep shoot the attack and send it live through whatsapp to their seniors. Within 5 minutes BJP workers assembled at the scene.  On seeing the crowd, the assailants took to their heels and escaped from the scene.

Following the incident, a group of BJP cadre, who gathered near Kottaivaasal, the Tenkasi – Kerala border, staged a demonstration demanding the arrest of the assailants.  The occupants of Jeep who were from Kerala informed their seniors in Kerala who in turn took it up with TN BJP chief L  Murugan. 

According to senior Journalist Senkottai Sriram, “TN BJP Chief Murugan spoke to concern authorities to intervene and take action against the assailants”.  Police who rushed to the spot brought to the situation under control.

“we were returning through Kattalaikudiyiruppu area, the attackers blocked our way. It is our usual way to Aryankavu through Sengottai.  They came in a car that had DMK flag at the vanguard” said jeep driver Subhash.

On hearing the attack, a large number of BJP cadres from Kerala thronged the area. The BJP and other Hindu outfits gave call for a bandh today if any inaction in this issue. Sengottai inspector of police (in-charge) Bala Murugan assured them that attackers would be arrested and asked them to withdraw their protest.

They took the driver Subhash and another to Puliyarai – Kottaivasal area. They asked them to identify the attackers. They identified Sengottai DMK union secretary Ravishankar and others who attacked them.  Based on their complaint police registered a case and arrested Ravi Shankar. Efforts are on to apprehend other attackers.

Following prevailing tension in the area, both TN and Kerala police personnel were pressed into service as a precautionary measure.

Sri Ram said “normally TN police won’t take action against DMK or other opponents with such speed. In Tamil Nadu, DMK and left are allies. The left led Kerala government sensed that BJP may use this attack in their favor during the campaign which would affect its winning chances. The Kerala government thought that BJP would make it a big political issue by saying the left parties asked its
TN ally to attack BJP cadres. It immediately sent senior police officials to the spot to clear traffic jam and take action besides speaking to its TN counterpart. This is the reason for the swift action by the Tamil Nadu in arresting Ravishankar, who faces slew of criminal cases. Ravi Shankar was irritated on seeing a jeep with BJP flag in his territory. There is no other reason for the attack. But police who questioned Ravishankar did not share the details to media the reason for the attack”.


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