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    Pudhiya Thamizhagam Dr. Krishnasamy’s letter to TN Governor to remove the word ‘Union’ from the Assembly Records!

    PT leader Dr Krishnasamy writes to TN Governor for removal of phrase ‘ஒன்றிய அரசு’, a mistranslation of the term ‘Union Govt’,

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    PT leader Dr Krishnasamy writes to TN Governor for removal of phrase ‘ஒன்றிய அரசு’, a mistranslation of the term ‘Union Govt’, from Tamil translation of Governors address in TN assembly last week. Such terms are use to sow separatist agenda among Tamils.

    SUB: Removal of the word “Ondriya Arasu” from the Assembly records.

    Shri. Banwarilal Purohit,
    His Excellency the Governor of Tamilnadu,
    Chennai – 600022.

    I am Dr. K. Krishnasamy, a post graduate Medical Doctor and the leader of the Puthiya Tamilagam political party in Tamilnadu. I have been a Member of the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly twice since 1996-2001, & 2011-2016 .I have been working in the political arena of Tamil Nadu for the last 30 years. I am fighting for the equality and equity of poor and marginalized people.  Despite my political activities at the state level, myself and my party members are at the forefront of defending the sovereignty of the wider Indian nation and respecting the political dignity of India.

    In a way to uphold the unity and Integrity of the Indian nation, I am the first politicians in Tamilnadu  firmly stood and supported  the Citizenship Amendment Act, repeal of Article 370 and the introduction of NEET and such other Acts.

    I hope your Excellency would remember that I had met you about 2years back to give due representation to club and remove Devendra Kula Velalar community from the SC list. Now the Central government has taken a note of it and grouped as one community. Thanks for your good gestures.

    Taking measures to improve the livelihoods of the 7 crore people in Tamil Nadu is different from the idea of separating Tamil Nadu from India.

    At this gesture, as a patriot I am extremely sorry to inform that some political parties in Tamil Nadu are indulging in tarnishing the image of the Indian nation and acting against the integrity of the nation very recently

    The country knows how many leaders including Gandhiji, Nehru, Vallabhai Patel, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and many other Indian people sacrificed their lives to liberate the Indian nation from the British Empire. Moreover, the scar that the British imperialists ruled the ancient Indian nation divided us religiously which inflicted on our nation has not yet healed.

    In the independent India here and there like Punjab and the Northeast there were some struggles for separatism demands have all been handled properly and 140 crore people in India are living in security and dignity on the basis of one nation, no matter how many religions and languages exist in India.

    The Constitution of India has made it clear that India i.e. is Bharat, shall be a Union of states ,that denotes India is geographically one nation, even though various stares were created for political, economic and administrative purposes  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly clearly states India as   the “Indestructible Union of destructible states” .It  means though India was to be a federation, it was not the result of an agreement between the states and no state has the right to secede from the Indian Union. The Federation is a Union because it is indestructible, said by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Therefore, India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic country.

    The founders of the Constituent Assembly categorically stated that Union is the fusion of around 600 princely states, with British India provinces and all other areas under one geographical territory. After independence, India ie.Bharat is a sole identity of 140 crore people. All the people of the whole of India call our Central Government as the Indian Union Government or Government of India, all are one and same meaning. In Tamil Nadu, whoever came to power in the past  addressed  our Central Government as ”Indhiya Mathiya Arasu” or “Indhiya Maiya Arasu” or “Indhiya Naduvan Arasu” in Tamil. Despite the political differences                                                            Mr. M. Karunanidhi and Ms.J. Jayalalithaa who were in power in recent times, they called Government of India or Indian Union and not in any other derogatory terms.

    From 7th May 2021, Mr.M.K.Stalin who took over as Chief Minister and his ministers deliberately calls Government of India as only “Ondriya Arasu”. In Tamilnadu, in Tamil the word ”Ondriya” is used only to name the Block level panchayat.

    The DMK has been extensively used the word “Ondriya Arasu” in recent times to deliberately distort what is said in the Constitution as Union of States and to associate the Indian Union Government with the “Block level” panchayat system, thus it degrading the Central Government to the level of Ondriya Arasu that is  ” Block level governance, in which they are not ready to use the word i.e.  India or Bharat. But whereas they are calling our state as Government of Tamilnadu .Members of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and the incumbent Chief Minister and Ministers were sworn in with the commitment to abide by the unity and sovereignty of this Government. But their actions are against the integrity of our nation.

    On 21st June 2021 Your Excellency delivered the written speech both in English and Tamil. In the Tamil version of the English text of the  Governor’s address,  they have used the word “Ondriya Arasu” in the paragraphs 6,7,9,13,14,15,25,32,34,38,40,56&58,  they didn’t even use the name ‘India’ wherever it should have been mentioned and  it was deliberately omitted. I was shocked after seeing the word “Ondriya Arasu” in the Tamil version of the Governor’s address too. I don’t know how the Governor address in the Assembly ignored to note their intention and allowed them to use the word” Ondriya Arasu” instead of Indian nation or Indian Government. Regarding this I have given condemning statements in all the media sources about the derogatory remarks of the word” Ondriya Arasu”. I have also written a petition to Your Excellency on 17th June 2021 to meet you in person to explain the matters in detail .So far I didn’t receive any appointment from Your Excellency.

    As a Constitution Head of the state Your Excellency should not continue to allow Mr. Stalin and his colleagues to  repeatedly use the word Ondriya Arasu that reduces their grip on Indian sovereignty and causes hatredness against the Indian Nation among the Tamil people. All forms of terrorism, extremism, separatism, etc. all begins with a “word”

    The word “Ondriya Arasu” which they are using hurts the minds of millions of patriots. I am sure they should not continue to demean our country .There is a lots of difference between Union and Federal. Our Indian Nation geographically it is unquestionably a “Union” .Politically it may be Quasi-Federal. But webartium as Ondriya Arasu used by Mr. M. K. Stalin and his minister s doesn’t bring the meaning of unified nation, otherwise the meaning of Coalition of separate countries. On 23rd June 2021 in the Assembly also we could see the explanation for” Ondriya Arasu” given by Mr.M.K.Stalin, which upset that they still wants to venomous the feeling and play with words. Their intention is very clear that is not  to project India as a unified country at all rather they want to show it as a coalition of separate countries which is against the spirit of our Indian constitution. If it is allowed unchecked, will create a room for any other anti-social vested elements to act against integrity of the Indian nation. The campaign of DMK against our Indian nation calling it as Ondriya Arasu totally politically motivated and ill-conceived and it will pave the way for the wrong precedents throughout India.

    The DMK party is well known for its separate country “Dravida Nadu” that was their original demand till 1962 China war. The then Prime Minister of India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru threatened  DMK party to ban the party if they pursue the divisive politics. After that only their party leader Mr.Annadurai dropped the demand for the time being. But still they hold that tendency intact. Even in 2018, DMK party meeting held at Erode, Mr. Stalin openly supported the Dravida nadu slogan. As soon as taken the oath on May 07, 2021 as Chief Minister Mr. Stalin in his Twitter page mentioned “Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, President of DMK belongs to Dravidian stock.”

    In this regard, I earnestly suggest Your Excellency to get opinion from legal luminaries and eminent Tamil scholars from Tamilnadu about the actual meaning of Ondriya Arasu and the hidden agenda behind this word, the sinister campaign of calling our sovereign Indian nation as Ondriya Arasu.

    In the meantime I also request Your Excellency to call for the Assembly records of 21st June 2021 Governor address both in English and Tamil and to verify wherever the word Ondriya Arasu is used purposefully in the place of Indian Union or Government of India and it should be rectified

    Mr.M.K.Stalin and his clique wants to utilize the 5 year period to create as much hatred against the Indian nation and to sow the separatists seeds among the Tamil masses to fulfill their longtime separatists mission. Your Excellency should summon Mr. Stalin and his ministers and advise them hereafter not to use such derogatory word “Ondriya Arasu “in the place of Indian Union.

    If we don’t act immediately and put a full stop for the word “Ondriya Arasu “there will be an imminent danger of separatists elements emanates from Tamilnadu taking over the advantages created here.

    I earnest appeal to Your Excellency, it is a right time to act against this Ondriya Arasu menace used by Mr. M. K. Stalin and his Ministers, otherwise the wrong precedents may be used in other parts of India too. In a democratic country there is no need of arm uprising rather the words also potentially dangerous.

    So, I kindly request you to take necessary actions against this at the earliest.

    India i.e. Bharat shall be a Union of states, should not be allowed to translate in Tamil as “Ondriya Arasu” hereafter by the DMK government at any cost.

    With Kind Regards,

    Dr K. Krishnasamy MD,
    Founder & President,
    Puthiya Tamilagam Party.

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