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2G scam A.Raja dares RSS to name a freedom fighter from its rank and files!

RTI Activist kumar says ED raid will bring accussed A. Raja to his knees..for spitting venom in Sanatana Dharma in a public meeting at Ambattur Chennai TN.

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-T.S. Venkatesan

A1 accused in the 2G scam, DMK Dy General secretary , Lok Sabha MP  Aandimuthu Raja has challenges RSS chief to show one freedom fighter from its rank and files and if shown he will quit politics and resign from Lok sabha.

For him and DMK, Hindu hatred is not new which they have been earnestly following to appease the minorities.  It is a known fact that DMK leaders never greet for Hindu festivals, they preach and spread messages against Hindus from one stage to another. They respect and honour anybody who speaks against Hinduism, and they consider smearing sacred ash and vermillion on the forehead as a disgusting practice.

A Raja  (aka Albert) of the Rs.1.76 Lakh crore 2G spectrum scam fame, earlier said “ as long as half an inch idols and Brahmins are there , we will not succeed. So we have to target these two for our survival”.  In another occasion he said, “  I studied in the Periyar Kudil conducted by Aanaimuthu in 1973 when I was doing my 6th grade. At that point, when I used to step out, my mother would ask me to smear Muruga’s Vibuthi and I would smear it. Then I listened to Periyar’s final speech and continued reading all of his books. After that, I threw away the Vibuthi. Not only that, I also placed a elephant cracker below your Ganesha idol and it exploded. That was a time in my life.”  In fact he is following Christianity and his wife Parameswari was buried according to Christian customs.

DMK MP A Raja who is also the Deputy General Secretary of the party has made comments disrespecting Hindu identities and the Hindu faith. There have been multiple instances where he has abused Hindus and Hindu Gods. But for Buddhism, Jainism and Aajivaka religions, all the others have a creation story with God at the center of the creation. However, Jesus and Mohammad are historical figures. So, it is only right to wish Christians on Christmas, the birthday of Jesus and Muslims on Ramzan, the birthday of Mohammad. The Puranas are completely baseless. The Asuras in Puranas are Dravidians and the Devas in Puranas are Brahmins” Raja justifying why they are not wishing on Hindu festivals.

During state assembly polls, he spoke “This does not mean that EPS has the qualifications to be holding the position of CM. Nor has he done any form of sacrifice for the party or the state….this clearly shows that our DMK leader Stalin is the leader who was born of pure blood and as a fully grown healthy baby, as well as by legitimate means, whereas Edappadi Palaniswami was born premature, and was born out of an illegitimate relationship.”.

Now in a recent video, Raja said, BJP has been building an image that they are only the nationalists, patriots and have produced freedom fighters. We, the 40 MPs of DMK do not have caste suffixes after our names unlike BJP MPs.  That is Dravidian model. Whenever the Constitution of country was in peril, it was Dravidian movement to protected it(?) what is BJP’s main agenda was to demolish Babri masjid and build ram mandir. Till we were sharing power at Centre, we ensured that they did not build Ram temple and repeal Art.370. See today, minorities are facing a lot of issues. By proposing one ST woman as presidential candidate or having one SC man as President does not mean empowerment for these communities. The incumbent President was denied entry inside two temples. It happened to a first citizen of the nation then imagine for others. Understand which is Aryan model and Dravidian model. What I speak is flawless English and is Dravidian model. What BJP H Raja speaks is full of flaws and is Aryan model. Anitha could not pursue medicine despite scoring good marks due to NEET. BJP is keen that oppressed could not empower in education and this Aryan model has to been abolished. With this CM Stalin has brought a bill in the assembly. Dravidian model is not against India but against Aryan model. We were instrumental for nationalization of banks.  BJP has been claiming what Nehru, Indira, Rajivi, Narasimha Rao and Manmoha Singh did all were wrong. We (BJP) are patriots and freedom fighters. I Challenge them can they name one RSS man or Hindu Mahasabha worker or present Sanghi’s forefathers  who took part in  freedom movement and was in jail even a for day.  If they say I will resign my Lok Sabha membership and quit politics. Savarkar was jailed when he was in Congress. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar went to jail only to tell Brahmin youths not to join freedom movement”.

Raja talked about Sanatan, Sanskrit and a lot which are all white lies and falsehoods sandwiched between two slices of a sweet cake.   It is highly surprising people like P Chindambaram and 2 G accused is still being allowed to talk like this and what prevents its from pursing cases pending it courts to logical end . RTI Activist kumar says ED raid will bring accussed A. Raja to his knees..for spitting venom in Sanatana Dharma in a public meeting at Ambattur Chennai TN.

உடனுக்குடன் தினசரி தமிழ்ச் செய்திகளை உங்களது டெலிகிராம் ஆப்.,பில் பார்க்கலாம்!
தினசரி செய்திகள் சேனலில் இணையுங்கள்!


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