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HomeNewsCoimbatore blast is a part of IS module.  No more hiding facts...

Coimbatore blast is a part of IS module.  No more hiding facts …!

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coimbatore bomb blast

-T.S. Venkatesan

Coimbatore blast is a part of IS module.  No more hiding facts …

It is now crystal clear. The blast that occurred a prior to Deepavali was a part of terror and JameenaMubin was a lone wolf ( part of a module that planned to make attacks on four places in the cotton city).

DMK led minority appeasement Dravidian stock or model government’s efforts to hide the truth not to incur their wrath or unhappiness failed to spin for long.   It is alleged during the interregnum of period between the blast and handing over the probe to NIA, a premier expert agency of counter terrorism , there were attempts to erase important and vital evidences to make it as a cylinder bomb explosion and allow the people involved to escape safely.

NIA seized 109 articles, black powder, matchbox, cracker fuse length about 2 meters, Nitro Glycerin, red phosphorous, PETN powder, Aluminum powder, OXY 99 Breathe pure Oxygen cylinder, Sulphur powder, Sterile Surgical blade and other bomb-making materials along with jihadi literature from Mubin’s residence.Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the Coimbatore car blast case so far. TN police are conductingraids all overstate at the premises of suspected ISIS supporters.   Officials also found a pen drive with more than 100 ISIS propaganda videos from Mubin’s home who had been quizzed by the NIAin 2019 in the wake of the Sri Lankan Church blasts. The videos contained around 40 of Zaharan Bin Hashim, 15 of ZakirNaik of Islamic Research Foundation and atleast 15 murders carried out by the ISIS.

Officials found a chalk drawn IS flag on a children’s slate. A scribble in Tamil on another slate red “ AllahuvinIllathinMeedhu Kai Vaithaal, veraruppom { the people who dare to touch the house of Allah will be uprooted)  a possible reference to Babri Masjid demolition.  A scribbling on a white paper allegedly described whose call of duty was Jihad. It said that Jihad was not the call of duty for children and the elderly and it was the duty of the youth. Yet another scribble listed human under two categories “Muslims and Kafirs (infidels) .it also mentioned vaalyentu(arm up with a sword) and another said Islam and the Hadith.  NIA officials said Mubin was an IS Sympathiser and had been radicalized.  His what’s app message (in line with ISIS pattern) he said, “when you hear news about my death, forgive mistakes, hide my short comings,participate in Janaasa(prayer , which is part of the Islamic funeral ritual) and pray for me”.   On the fateful night , he drove the used car with  LPG cylinders ( one for domestic use and the other for commercial purposes) three cylinders packed with 150 kg chemical explosives including highly explosive PETN ( PentaerythritolTetranitratebelonging to the same family of nitroglycerin.

As a sop, TN police is designing deradicalisationprogrammefor ISIS youth sympathizers. In 2019, NIA had identified 16 youths in Coimbatore who were attracted to the IS ideology. Now police made a list of more than 50 people in Coimbatore, 3 from Mettupalayam. The number will be more if it makes a list all over the state.

TN Chief Minister M K Stalin have no time to visit the bomb site to take stock of the situation. He is avoiding making any comments.

The car blast has its own ill effects on the busiest, commercial hub of TN.  Now investors, entrepreneurs have a second thought. People are in continuous panic and unsecured mode like sitting on a volcano that may erupt any time or a ticking time bomb.   The innocent Muslims are on the defensive since 1998 serial blasts.  In total people of Coimbatore needs safety and security from such radicalized people. The city is trying very hard to put behind communalism. Unbiased and iron hand crackdown on such elements by the state government can only help the people to live peacefully which is remote if we go by the past.


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