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HomeNewsWhy more and more young students commit or attempt to suicide ?

Why more and more young students commit or attempt to suicide ?

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-T.S. Venkatesan

What is wrong with the education system in Tamil Nadu? Why we are witnessing more and more students commit suicide on school premises or attempts to end their lives?  Why our media makes them as news on a selective basis? Why Hindus run education institutions are targeted and if at all carried why do they mask the names of the school and perpetrators and abettors? Crime is a crime who ever does it.  It has no religion,caste, creed and colour but for the secular and RS Bharati categorized TN media, it is not so.

In another shocking incident, a Class VII student fell down from the third floor of a CSI Christ Metric Higher Secondary school building on 26th at Hosur, located near the Government Hospital. The nearly 12-year old boy sustained fractures.

According to police, the 12-year-old Rohitof CSI Christ Matriculation Higher Secondary School had returned to school after Deepavali holidays. He went to the third floor and jumped to ground to end his life. Police collected the CCTV footages and are investigating.  The school administration rushed him to a hospital. He is now being treated for his fracture at a Bengalaru hospital. He is eldest of two sons of Shankar who lives in Periyar Nagar.

As rightly pointed out by TN BJP Chief Annamalai, in an interview to a you tube channel ,” The chief of the intelligence department, ADGP (S Davidson DevasirvathamDavidson) who goes by the name you mentioned.. he has got a single point agenda to promote something in south Tamil Nadu. He clearly has links with missionary groups. He wants such officers in sensitive posts and is handpicking them.

They are the ones being placed in power. Be it the ThanjavurLavanya suicide, or the incident exposed by CNN News 18 where Bible was distributed to children in schools, all of this is an operation run by the Tamil Nadu [police] intelligence department. I am making an open observation. Let them deny it.”.

He also said “If someone sitting in power works for promoting one’s own religion keeping that as the single point agenda, and is adamant about it, then it is problematic and I am going to call them out openly. I have no fear.”

Rohit’s family said he has problems in home. Was he given pressure from school to study well or his parents?  His father said on that fateful day Rohit went to school with usual mood with new dresses.He is good at education and sports.  The CEO said the school has been asked to file a report on the incident and would decide what course of action to be taken.  Krishnagiri district BJP leader Nagaraj said it was due to the negligence on the part of the school management. School says he had issues at home. It is not clear what could problems be for this 12 year old boy with his parents or at home? The school take the full responsible for the incident”.

Keeping the above, we can perceive that the case will be hushed up as a suicide case saying nothing to do with the school management even if they have found any clinching evidence during the probe against the school. 

During the Kallakuruchi school incident, the media blamed the school management and branded the management as RSS members and run debates after debates releasing video after videos.  But in that case except a Tamil daily, none carried even a filler item.  In KK Padma Seshadrischool, a teacher was implicated in a sexual assault case and was acquitted by the court later. The media which did an extensive coverage, media trail did not follow this in minority run educational institutions.

They  are afraid of mentioning  the name of the accused , school or college and protect their identity as the police has been doing. The same RSB media took up Anitha suicide issue and linked it with NEET and is continuing it till today. There are cases of suicides due to pressure from class teachers, alleged forcible conversions, opposing them to follow Hindu traditions of sporting kumkum , sacred ash, evil eye threads ,Rudhrakshabeeds and sexual assaults by school staff, love jihads etc.

Be that as it may, what is the real problem for students committing suicides at a tender age?  Is anything wrong with the education system;?  Over load of text books?Do they need psychological counselling including students, management, staff, teachers and parents? Is to be made part of school and college curriculum?.  No one will take such extreme steps unless otherwise instigated or underwent unexplainable trauma or a victim of something.   Win or lose is to be treated alike and not a reason for suicide. So it is high time the government took a serious view to prevent such occurrences in future keeping the age of the students who are the kings of tomorrow.


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