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I am getting my first National Award

Bharathiya Bhasha Parishad’s Yuva Puraskar – 08 :: National Literary Award

Bharathiya Bhasha Parishad is a prestigious Kolkata based literary Organisation, working in the field of Indian Languages Literature and Culture for the last 35 years to harmonise the pluralistic India in oneness.

This year the Yuva Puraskar 08, the National literary award has been conferred on Mr. Senkottai Sriram an upcoming Tamil Writer. The National awards are given in two categories, Varishtha Puraskar for veterans and Yuva Puraskar for youth.

Mr. Senkottai Sriram has been selected for Tamil along with Ms. N.Putul for Santhali, Madumitha Bawa for Punjabi, Alpana Misra for Hindi. The award carries a shawl, a memento and cash Rs.11,000.

Mr. Senkottai Sriram in his early journalist career worked as executive editor in the renowned Tamil monthly Manjari Digest, and has contributed numerous articles and short stories on varied subject such as literature, spirituality, national integration. He has also translated materials on the national integration from other languages into Tamil.

His ‘Ungalodu Oru Varthai’ a literary serial written in Manjari Digest had wide popularity among Tamil readers. He has also contributed articles, and news features to All India Radio – Chennai.

The national award recipient Mr. Senkottai Sriram is at present working as Assistant Editor in Vikatan Publications, a wing of renowed Ananda Vikatan group. He has written six books on literature, spirituality and history so far.

The honourable award is being presented at a felicitation function which will be held in Kolkata on April, 18th. He is dedicating this award to the memory of the Tamil Nadu freedom fighters.


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