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Ishaism Vs Evangelism ; Evils wearing Church Mask!

maniarasan group pressmeet

<> T.S.Venkatesan

Through the concerted efforts of Coimbatore based Isha Foundation’s effort to uplift the Tribals in the foothills of Velliangiri have financially self-reliant and earned profit.  The tribal self-employment with the help of Isha has helped them to post a profit of Rs.23 lakhs.

There have been campaigns against Isha foundation by vested interest particularly by evangelical elements in tarnishing the image of Jaggi Vasudev and his efforts. Two days ago, little and unknown genre of Saiva mutt heads, Kalaiarasi  Natarajan a crypto in the guise of Saiva Mutt head who proclaimed there is no religion called Hindu and naxal leader David Maniarasan addressed a press conference.

They have demanded nationalization of Isha foundation and strict action against Jaggi Vasudev.  They have been targeting JaggiVasudev only in regard to free temple from government control movement. They know that his call has evoked tremendous response from a large number of people.“people like Maniarasan, NakkeranGopal continue to attack Isha foundation, we will rake-up Periyar trust issue and seek for it nationalization.

If Jaggi is from Karnataka, so also E V Ramaswamy Naicker is also from the same state.  If you beat about the bushes of Isha Foundation or any hindu trusts , we will target Periyar foundations and its vast resources to be taken by the government for its anti-national and Hindu phobic and for supporting religious conversion groups. These Maoists and missionaries are speaking on behalf of Abrahamic forces for the money they have taken. 


If attack Hindu mutts or religious leaders continue,, we will not rest till all Dravidian trusts are nationalized and probed for their source of income” warns vivek in a what’s app message.

Back to Isha foundation, it has been helping betterment tribal community in various ways. “ ChellaMariamman Tribal women Self-help Group’ was started in 2018 by uniting 11 tribal women from Thanikandi hill village near Isha foundation.

A release from the foundation said “few shops near Adiyogi and a battery cart were given free of cost to them. They started their own business with an investment of a few hundred rupees and have achieved a record turnover of Rs.64 lakhs in just three years. They also made a profit of Rs. 23 lakhs. With their own investment of Rs6 lakhs, they have also bought a new battery car to ferry visitors from Adiyogi to Sarpavassal by charging Rs 10 per person to travel in the 10 seater car. The battery is charged daily in Isha for free. Any minor repairs are being done free of cost. Small shops are making a profit of selling tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks”.

Briefing its acitivities for Tribal women, it said, “ Isha has been helping people in more than 100 villages around the Isha Yoga centre in various ways such as education, medicine and employment. In particular, Isha has been paying extra attention to the livelihood and development of the tribals are at the very bottom of the social strata. Prior to this tribal women used to go to work for daily wages.

Now they are self-employed and financially self-reliant with our support. They manager their homes and families well on profits they have made and have bought household appliances such mixies, grinders and scooters to make their living more comfortable. During the Covid pandemic , the shops remained closed for a few months during the lockdown.

But they managed their families. Isha volunteers have been continuously encouraging and supporting the tribal women communities from the beginning to do whatever help they needed for their empowerment in the society”.

This was quite contrast to what Christian preacher DGV Dhinakaran and his son Paul Dhinakaran did by converting the tribals into Christianity after grabbing their lands for their business empire.



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