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Sweet Kaaram Coffee: a review

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— By Janaki Balasubramanian

Sweet Kaaram Coffee
Director: Swathi Raghuraaman, Bejoy Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu
Cast: Lakshmi, Madhoo, Santhy, Vamsi Krishna, Dev, Kavin Jay Babu
Plot: Three generations of women hit the road for freedom in the Tamil-language Prime Video series.

Sweet Kaaram Coffee is an equal-part serving of sugar, spice and bitterness. Reshma Ghatala has created it perfectly. The series is an engaging exploration of three generations of affluent women in the throes of frustration, remorse, guilt and a yearning for freedom. They decide to embark on a journey to take a break from their routine. The journey not only changes the lives of the people around it but also helps liberate their souls.

The series explores an array of themes, Including non-judgment, Beauty standards, and the pursuit of unexpected adventures. It goes beyond mere female empowerment. Shedding light on the ever-changing desires and aspirations of young individuals and women alike. The result is a dynamic world that is brimming with possibilities.

The series knocks up various questions, like self-discovery, self-introspection and self-realization remain the core theme. The writers kindle a very known topic of Tamil cinema, Bird in the Cage or Bird Flying in the Air? All three generations have similar questions throughout the series. Those are Love or Passion? Care or For Granted? Bravery or Fear? Reliving or Restarting? It shakes and questions the age-old existential thinking.

While handling and touching upon these topics, we come upon plenty of feel-good moments- from the flashback and college days to mother-son-daughter conversation to husband-wife feeling to companionship bonding. These are captured with a gentle touch and also magnified. Background music is soul touching;

Sweet Kaaram Coffee” is a series that sheds light on the challenges women face in a stereotypical male-dominated society. It explores the sacrifices they make to navigate this world and the struggles they endure to survive. The writing perspective differs; there is a beautiful twist in the series. 



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