I admit that the sacred Islamic scriptures support the killing of non-Muslims: Imam Tawhidi


#justiceforramalingam Understanding the ideology behind these terrors

Unfortunately people who get converted to Islam aren’t aware of the ideological persecution of this religion. They think even after converting, the values that are taught as part of Indian culture like one family, one God still applies after conversion.

What the converts need to understand is this ideology is written in Arab and there is far more information in Hadith and Quran that doesn’t fit into Indian ecosystem. They try to find Indian philosophy in their books and pick up some verse to justify it.

It is very rare that these converts understamd what actually the ideology talks about. Here quoting the tweet of Imam who says we need Reformation just like many of us. He is not a converted Mullah for money nor he is a radical one. So we need to understand this what exactly ideology conveys.

Still how do we find good Muslims in India like Abdul Kalam and Asfullah Khan and Kabir Das and many many common citizens? That is because of the culture given to them as part of this Motherland and the secular teaching given to them. They have no idea of the real agenda

And to sum up is this problem to India only? Look at Europe and UK.Why are those countries bombed & why Sharia is tried to be imposed.Was there any beef or Ayodhya issue? No.Was there RSS or Bjp in England and Poland? No. That is the answer to all of this

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