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    Bharathi-100: An English fable by Bharathiyar!

    The idea of translating their work is to pave the way for other language readers to know about our culture of ideas. Few works of Bharathiyar

    subramania bharati An English fable by Bharathiyar
    subramania bharati An English fable by Bharathiyar

    An English fable by Bharathiyar
    – Janaki Balasubramanian –

    Enthusiasm. Force. Opportunity. Progressive. These are a portion of the one word that strikes a chord in relationship with Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi. If one somehow managed to do a word cloud to disclose him to the overall people, these are the words they will use.  Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi, otherwise called Bharathiyar and Bharathi. He was a wonder to Tamil literature. With a short life expectancy of 39 years old, Bharathiyar accomplished a lot.  He was a researcher second to none, boss of social equity, youth symbol, columnist, artist, essayist, and that’s just the beginning; net, he was across the board.

    Bharthiyar moved to Puducherry which was under French standard. From that point, he altered and distributed the week after week journals ‘India’, ‘Vijaya’, a Tamil every day, ‘Bala Bharatham’, an English month to month and ‘Suryodayam’, a nearby week after week in Puducherry. His compositions were wealthy in content and set apart by a longing to inspire society. He sang melodies for individuals of all age gatherings. Indeed, even presently kids are drawn to his tunes since they are basic and straightforward. Many years of Bharathi’s life were spent in the field of journalism, Bharathi, as a young man began his career as a journalist and as a sub-editor in “Swadesamitran” in November 1904.

    Bharathiyar’s works were translated into English by many writers and scholars. In “Bala Bharatam”, he used to write English stories and verses. But most of those writings are not preserved. Among all those short stories, “The Fox and Golden Tail” has persevered. This short story runs for 11 pages. The paperback version is not available. This is a fable. A fable is a short story that illustrates a moral lesson. For example, in the fable of the wolf and the sheep, a wolf in sheep’s clothing is able to infiltrate the sheep’s pasture without raising any alarm, and easily make a meal out of the sheep. The moral of the story is that appearances can be deceiving.

    The old She fox is detested by the other foxes. They cut off the tail as a sort of punishment. The old She fox purchased an artificial tail and emigrated to the land of Asses and apes. The rest of the story deals with how the old she fox stays with the herd of asses. Bharathiyar draws a fable story parallel to the independence movement. He also attacks extreme heights of spiritual realization of a community. Scholars and researchers think the fox can be a famous political leader or an important community that prevailed in the society.

    Bharathiyar is one among many writers who portrayed the Tamil people and culture. Many Tamil writer’s works are getting translated into English or other languages. The idea of translating their work is to pave the way for other language readers to know about our culture of ideas. Few works of Bharathiyar are taken forward and many other works stay untouched.


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