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Complaints against TNTJ meet in Trichy

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By T.S. Venkatesan

Police complaint has been lodged against the organisers  viz Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaath  (TNTJ) conference for violating court and police directions.

Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaath has organized a conference on abolishing superstitious beliefs of Muslims (Bidh’ah) and on achieving social security for the community, at Siruganur near Trichy on January 5. It was organised with an objective of achieving social security for the community, rights of Muslims and preserving sovereignty and national unity. The conference passed 11 resolutions including one seeking the early release of Muslims jailed ,  including those who have been convicted in Coimbatore serial blasts case, for decades in the state  treating them at par with other prisoners who are being released based on good conduct.  It claimed that the Union government is discriminating and acting against their community by passing new laws.  It also adopted a resolution to protest against the Modi government in a democratic manner.  It also passed a resolution on eradicating superstitious beliefs.

TNTJ said participants of the conference, including women and children from across Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states were sensitized to Islam by scholars and leaders of Jamaath.  But there have been slew of allegations and a police complaint has been preferred. The event went on beyond the time limit given by police. According to intelligence and police sources the meet continued even after 10 pm. The wilful disobedience was considered as obstructing the public servants (police) who have other duty beyond 8 pm at other places and caused danger to the health and safety.  The complainant sought police to file a case against TNTJ organisers under IPC section 188.

According t Shoukhath Ali mohammed preferred on line complaint with police. In that he said  “The TNTJ speaker Sulaiman, general secretary has dubbed the Sunni Muslims as practitioners of Bidah .He is insulting the Sunni beliefs and is in fact vilifying the Sunni Muslims , promoting enmity, acting prejudicial to maintenance of harmony, promoting defilement of the dargahs, ceremonies held sacred by Sunni Muslims who have been exterminated internationally and have become refugees in their own land due to the terror activities of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Salafi, Wahabbi factions . This has created a feeling among them and raised alarm. Insecurity has gripped their minds. Sunni Muslims of Tamil Nadu are worried over the speech of Sulaiman who said that the Dawai ( call to Islam) will continue until Kufr (disbelief  ie other religions )and Bidah ( innovations are abolished”

He further said  “ the speech of Sulaiman has helped in the radicalisation of society and contempt for other religions resulting in undermining the unity and integrity of the nation.  Therefore, the speech of Sulaiman is a covert propaganda in support of the crimes of Al Qaeda, ISIS and other Wahabi, Salafi terror groups. Sulaiman ,it alleged, covertly advocating, abetting, advising or inciting the commission of terrorist acts like destruction of shrines which were done by Al Qaeda/ISIS and inciting the commission of terrorist acts. Sulaiman by calling for the destruction of Bidah and Kufr , is instigating any one, by way of other means of whatever means, to cause death , injuries to Sunni deemed as doers as Bidat and other religions (deemed by TNTJ as Kafir) and loss of or  damage to, or destruction   of the dargah  or properties of other religions. Assuch speech of Sulaiman warrants action under section 295 A, 505 and 506(II, 153A, 153B of IPC . He was prohibited by the conditions imposed by the police to vilify other religions and other Muslim sects and he has breached conditions thereby committing an offence under IPC”.

“One of the TNTJ participants, a youth, is seen using a walki talki. If he has no licence then he has committed offences under section 3.4,and 6 of Indian wireless telegraph act and section 20 of the Indian Telegraph act.  If the set is unlicensed and the organisers  allowed the illegal use in a sensitive area is amounted to aided and abetted the participant  in this offence. If the instrument set is unlicensed it should be seized and a case should be filed against the youth who is in possession of the same and the organisers. The organisers have violated condition 6 by bringing into the venue unauthorised electronic equipments”   police sources explained.

Earlier, a Madurai High court bench directed the Superintendent of Police, Trichy to pass a reasoned order after considering the petitioner.  But the TNTJ violated all conditions like Covid protocol, exhibiting pictures and putting up a exhibition of denial of right to worship in Babri masjid ( see pictures)  which provoke the visitor to cause harm.  This is a blatant violation of condition 7.  The petitioner citing these violations requested the police to file a case and cancel the permission.

Another Muslim outfit Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah Ulema sabha met at Erode on 15 and 16th January and adopted six resolutions.  The resolutions more or less identical of TNTJ.   One of the resolutions says it concerns deeply at the dangers, threats and, shame the country is facing at the global level.  India has a distinct identity and although diverse in all respects, there is an underlying unity in Indian culture.  They are under attack now.  All forces who have belief in Democratic principles should work united with bravely and confidently come under one umbrella to implement the clear action plan to redeem the ageless culture and fame considering the future. Another resolution has urged the TN government to take steps to pre-mature release of Coimbatore serial bomb blasts and other Muslims convicts who should be allowed to live with their families at the fag end of their lives. The government should consider this on compassionate grounds and leniently.

Last month SDPI conducted a meeting in Tirupur defying the court and police orders.

On 5 February 2023, three Muslim women dressed in burqa entered the famous Nellaiyapper  temple in Tirunelveli and went around the Shiva and Amman shrines taking pictures.  It is alleged that the women in black veil went up to the sanctum sanctorum and took pictures of various places inside the temple.  It is a great concern and a breach of norm violating dress code and presence of other faiths.

Hindu Munnani State Secretary Kutraalanathan reported the incident to the temple office and the local police, who are now investigating the incident using CCTV footage.  On their official Twitter handle, Hindu Munnani (HM) said, ”None of the temple staff even asked how they can enter the temple with black veil. When the HM functionaries came to know the information and arrived at the spot, the persons wearing the black veilss came out of the temple and started running without stopping. Why the person came, what they brought, and what they did is still a mystery.”

Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push met in Chennai at a private star hotel on January 10 and 11  elaborated in depth how to achieve the targets of building 4 lakhs churches all over india  in areas where they are not by 2030.

While Hindu outfits have no such luxury and their requests for holding rally, public meeting, route march were denied permission by the police. 


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