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HomeNewsTN BJP Forms 'Startup Cell'; Tenkasi Ananthan Ayyasamy Appointed as Convenor!

TN BJP Forms ‘Startup Cell’; Tenkasi Ananthan Ayyasamy Appointed as Convenor!

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tenkasi anandan in bjp startup cell
tenkasi anandan in bjp startup cell

Tamil Nadu BJP Forms ‘Startup Cell’; Former Intel Engineering Director Ananthan Ayyasamy From Tenkasi Appointed Convenor:

A statement by TN BJP President K.Annamalai as follows:

BJP Tamil Nadu’s Start-up Cell

To drive the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Thiru Narendra Modi avl, BJP Tamil Nadu has expanded our cells dedicated to governance and community development over the past two years. These cells have significantly broadened the party’s outreach and engagement, including the Sports & Skill Development Cell, Central Welfare Scheme Cell, Data Management Cell and the Spiritual & Temple Development Cell.
The Data Management Cell has brought data-driven strategies to the forefront, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and enhancing the party’s ability to personally connect with voters.

The Spiritual & Temple Development Cell’s establishment underscores the Party’s commitment to preserving and promoting Tamil Nadu’s spirituality & rich cultural heritage.
The Sports & Skill Development Cell has nurtured talent at the grassroots level, allowing BJP Tamil Nadu to connect with the youth and help foster a skilled workforce.

The Central Welfare Scheme Cell has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the benefits of Central Government welfare programs reach the intended beneficiaries efficiently in line with our Party’s commitment to social justice and inclusive development.

These cells and our vibrant existing Wings & Cells have helped the BJP Tamil Nadu expand its reach and influence by addressing a broad spectrum of issues important to our people. By demonstrating a proactive approach, the party has reached new avenues of engagement and service, strengthening its position as a proactive political force in Tamil Nadu.

Today, BJP Tamil Nadu is taking a progressive step by launching a Start-up Cell to foster innovation and serve as a vital communication bridge for aspiring entrepreneurs. This initiative underscores the party’s commitment to promoting economic growth and creating opportunities for the talented and innovative minds in the state, ultimately contributing to our State’s development and prosperity.

Thiru Ananthan Ayyasamy, former Engineering Director at Intel & presently an active Karyakartha of BJP Tamil Nadu in Tenkasi, is appointed as the Convenor of this Start-up Cell.
Ever in Services of Nation Yours Sincerely
K. Annamalai


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