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HomeNewsDMK’s mouth piece has published untruth about 'RSS'

DMK’s mouth piece has published untruth about ‘RSS’

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DMK’s mouth piece Murasoli has published a totally false and untrue news about the RSS quoting PasumponMuthuramalingaThevar.  This is to prevent Prime Minister Modi’s unconfirmed visit to Tamil Nadu on 30th to attend Thevar’sJayanthi.  It is an attempt to divide Thevar community who are patriots by nature.

Of late, Murasoli has been publishing articles on Prime Minister Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, TN Governor RN Ravi, state BJP chief Annamalai and others which are perse defamatory, lies, absurdities, canards, unfounded lies with a sugar coating.  SuperstrarRajniKanth has once said“tothose who read Murosoli are DMK men, but those who read Thugluk are intellectuals”. Murasoli is just junk”.

Its articles are, no doubt, like a frog in well type and not widely read by opinion makers or intellectuals. It can be dubbed well  as a storm in a tea cup, or bubble that will disappear sooner effect way. Many in the state do not attach any significance to its contents which are for its vassals. But it publishes lie after lies, makes scathing attacks, unfounded accusations and spreads canards, the other side has to react to tell the truth. 

Reacting to the article, Tamil Nadu state president of the RSS AdalArasan, has condemned the DMK for disseminating false information and propagating rumors about the RSS and MuthuramalingaThevar.

On October 14, theMurasoli carried an article quoting PasumponMuthuramalingaThevar as saying, “Shared over Whatsapp: Death may come at any time, but we should not let RSS infiltrate Tamil Nadu even if we die.”

In a statement, he said “Murasoli, the official magazine of the DMK, which heads the ruling coalition in Tamil Nadu, has published a fake news report falsely quoting PasumponMuthuramalingathDevar as saying that he opposed the entry of the RSS into Tamil Nadu. Not only is the information false, but PasumbonMuthuramalingaThevar was close to the RSS organization during his lifetime and valued friendship with RSS leaders”.

AdalArasan said “The 51st birth anniversary of Sri GurujiGolwalkar, the RSS’s second leader, was celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country in 1956.  The ceremony was presided over by PasumbonMuthuramalingaDevar at Madurai, Tamil Nadu.  “My ideas have been aligned with the RSS’s views,” he said during his remarks at the ceremony.”

The state RSS Chief said “ If the truth is this, it is shameful that the DMK and its mouthpiece are attempting to create a false and negative impression about RSS among the people of Tamil Nadu by stating that PasumbonMuthuramalingaThevar, who is respected by patriots and devotees of God, disliked the RSS organization”. He said that spreading false information and defaming RSS by the official newspaper of the ruling party of a state is strongly condemned.

In fact, during his Thevar’s lifetime, he made Dravidian leaders like EV RamaswamyNaicker, CN Annadurai and others at tenterhooks.  He was against their attacks on Hindus, Gods, Brahmins and supported temple entry of Dalits with VaidyanathaIyer despite opposition from EV RamaswamyNaicker. It should be noted that the Dravidian stockists were before insulting Devar and are now suddenly displaying their affection for Thevar for the sake of votes.

DravidaViduthalaiKazhagam chief Kolathur Mani, who is known for his close ties with banned terrorist organisations like  LTTE and for being a Periyarist, has questioned in a meeting whether Tamil Nadu people need a Tamil (MuthuramalingaThevar) who unleashed violence against lower caste people or a Kannadan (EVR alias Periyar) who advised Kamarajar to imprison Thevar. He used the Tamil swear word ‘avan’ to describe Thevar, who is revered by many in Tamil Nadu. Another motormouth PeriyaristSubhavee previously had the same stance as Kolathoor Mani about Thevar. It is to be noted that PasumponThevar was acquitted of all charges in Ramanad riot 1957. However, Dravidian stockists continue to spread false information about MuthuramalingaThevar’s involvement in the Ramanad riots.In 2020, CM Stalin who visited Thevar’s Samadhi on his jayanthiand death anniversary, threw the sacred ash given to him on the ground to prove his secular and rationalist identity. But it was considered an insult to the great man and nationalist leader. Stalin without applying the sacred ash on his forehead, rubbed off his hands.

The fake narratives of DMK and its ecosystem were exposed by Netizens who quoted the book “ThevarOruVaalkai (Life of Thevar)” by BaaluSathya, in which the friendship between RSS and PasumonMuthuramalingaThevar was clearly explained.

At that time Rumours were flying thick in Tamil Nadu that PM Modi was scheduled to visit Ramanathapuram to attend ThevarJayanthi on 30th.  DMK , it is assumed, tried to create a wedge between the communities and tred to gain politically.  Former CM OPanneerselvam (OPS), former CM Jayalalithaa’sconfidante V K Sasikala, his nephew TTV Dhinakaran are from this community that backed undivided AIADMK.  It is DMK’s master strategy to create confusion in its principal opposition camp and to cash in on gaining ground in the wake of internecine war between OPS and Edapadi K Palaniswamy camps.  Not only DMK, its allies DravidarKazhagam, VCK, Muslim outfits, left are now warning people not to allow RSS in Tamil Nadu which they allege is against minorities and trying to make Hindu Rashtram. VCK tried to stop the RSS pathasanchalan by moving to HC. It formed a Human chain where both BJP and RSS were criticized.  It is now crystal clear that these anti national, Hindu phobic, Abrahamic elements funded ones are jealous of RSS, its growth and its service to the society.


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