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TR to make his mark in Tamil and Hindi music world through his patriotic song

t rajendar

TR to make his mark in Tamil and Hindi music world through his song ‘Vande Vande Mataram, Vaazhiya Namadhu Bharatham’

A Director, Actor, Music Composer, Lyricist, Singer and more, truly multi-faceted personality T Rajendhar had won platinum discs for his music albums for movies. He is known for composing many energetic as well as soul stirring songs.

Now TR is all set to unveil a pan-Indian music album. This patriotic album ‘Vande Vande Mataram, Vazhiya Namadhu Bharatham’ is all set to be released on 18 January.

Speaking about this new venture, TR said: “I pray to the Almighty that this New Year 2023 turns out to be a great and successful year for all with joy, mind peace and happiness.

As the New Year dawns, I am happy to share the news that my new venture TR Records Audio and Music Video is all set to be launched.

Oru Thalai Raagam, Vasantha Azhaippugal, Rayil Payanangalil, Raagam Thedum Pallavi, Nenjil Oru Raagam, Uyirullavarai Usha, Thangaikor Geetham, Uravai Kaatha Kili, Mythili Ennai Kaathali, Oru Thaayin Sabatham, En Thangai Kalyani, Samsaara Sangeetham, Santhi Enadhu Santhi, Enga Veetu Velan, Pettredutha Pillai, Oru Vasantha Geetham, Thaai Thangai Paasam, Monisha En Monalisa, Sonnal Thaan Kaadhala, Kaadhal Azhivadhillai, Veerasami are some of my movies in which the music albums shattered several records.

I received a platinum disc for Kilinjalgal. Pookalai Parikadheergal, Poo Poova Poothirukku, Pookal Vidum Thoodhu, Cooliekkaran all were record breaking hits. Having broken several such records, I am now starting my own company TR Records.

I had written songs for the film, for organizations, for the party, for love and affection. Now for the first time I have created a song ‘Vande Vande Mataram, Vazhiya Namadhu Bharatham’ for our nation. The song is created with pan Indian concept and will be released in Tamil and Hindi.

The song will be released in the Tamil month of ‘Thai’.”

T Rajendhar concluded that his new venture TR Records would taste success with the support of people. 


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