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HomeNews4 lakh new churches before 2030! Hindus beware!

4 lakh new churches before 2030! Hindus beware!

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-By T.S. Venkatesan

4 lakh new churches before 2030 !  Hindus beware

In Chennai, right under the nose of Dravidian Stock model government, evangelical elements have conducted a two-day conference on how to increase the number of churches and convert people to Christianity.

Ever since the DMK took over the mantle from AIADMK,  proselytization forces  naxal, anti-national, terrorists have a field day with the official blessings. Organiser weekly has been bringing their nefarious activities regularly.  Now the two-day  conference of Christian outfit in Chennai last week showed their tenacity openly setting target for building churches every nook and corner of the country where there are no prayer halls.  Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push met in Chennai at a private star hotel. The meeting took place on 10 and 11th of this month, according to sources, elaborated in depth how to achieve the targets.  The meet, attended by over 300 proselytisation agents /missionaries,  resolved to build churches in church less four lakh villages ( in other words, villages where no Christians reside) to enable conversion activities go on unhindered.  According to sources and what’s app posts, “If four lakh means, at least one crore people have of different religions mainly Hindus have to be brought into their fold ie Christianity.   If we do a back of the envelope calculation,  even for small hut size church or prayer hall needs roughly 20 lakhs including land costs. To build four lakh churches, roughly Rs.80,000 crores is needed.  To meet the 2030 target, they have to spend annually Rs.12,000 crores and per month Rs.1,000 crores. It is a whopping amount.  They have to construct over 4,800 churches monthly and 57,000 churches annually.  If they need 1,000 people per church, they have set a target of 40 crore people to be converted”.

This is not the only one meeting. They would meet in all major cities at star hotels. Consider the expenses for such two day conferences.   They allegedly spend huge amounts in crores for planning, setting targets.  Imagine they need billions to execute the plan or meet the targets in another seven years period. It is a million dollar question who is funding them ?    It should be pertinent to note , Writer Maridhass in an video post, two years ago, said during the last ten years 15,000 churches were built in Tamil Nadu with statistics.   Modi government after coming to power at the Centre in 2014 had blocked the flow of foreign funds to NGOs  which were the conduit for anti national, anti India campaigns, conversion activities. The Supreme Court was( in 2016) startled by the number of NGOs operating in India, 31 lakh and counting, and decided to lay down a legal framework to regulate their funding, spending and working.  NGOs and Muslim countries, allegedly, were behind the anti-CAA stir, Farmers’ protest, NEP, protest against Nuclear plants and other developmental activities. These highly dangerous and multi pronged dragons are attempting to destroy the Hindu society slowly and steadily only to establish their religion on stronger footing.

It is said that during the meeting it was resolved that they would undertake random mass conversion targeting 2292 ‘unreached’ communities totalling to 59,92,74,000 people, almost half of the Indian population. In the first phase, the missionaries plan to target 25 communities and convert them to Christianity.

The Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push declares, “Ask God to rise up prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession. Ask the Lord to call full time Christian workers to works amongst the Brahmin, Yatav, Chamar, Rajput, Pathan, Ansari, Mahishya, Mali” and prays for a ‘vibrant Church planting’ in a bid to change the demography and make India a ‘Christian nation’.

 In Face book, writer Jataayu says “ Vision 2030 for church planting” , “until everyone hears”,” Strategic church leaders meet. How daringly these evangelical vultures announce and conduct such an event, in one of the pushiest Hotel of the Chennai outskirts. Do they even pause to think how a common Hindu would feel seeing something like this? If this is the result of the unbridled “religious freedom” conferred by the Constitution of India, then it seriously flawed. It is high time to amend the Constitution to take away such bloody ‘” Freedom ‘given to these preying vultures”.

The apex court while hearing a plea filed by advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay seeking direction to the Centre and states to take stringent steps to control fraudulent religious conversion by “intimidation, threatening, deceivingly luring through gifts and monetary benefits”.

Our attempts are to find out the real identity of the organisers of Vision 2030 is still on. Tamil Nadu witnesses protests against Sana Tana Dharma, Anti Hindi campaign, war of words with Governor, Anti Brahmin propaganda, Anti –NEET , interfering in temple affairs and so on.  They are typically following the divide and rule introduced by the British rulers. Hindus have to be protected from the predator wolves and to safeguard Sana tana dharma.



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