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Clean Terror Organisations… Clean India..!

It is a startling news.  Popular Front of India (PFI), another avatar of banned SIMI, Kerala State Council has formulated an action plan to make RSS-Sangh parivar free Kerala.

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  • T.S. Venkatesh

The PFI, which has been blamed for the violence during Ram Navami in parts of India, is already banned in several states, but the government now plans to ban the outfit through a central notification

The Union government is soon likely to ban the controversial outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) which has been blamed for the violence and communal tension in parts of India during Ram Navami last week.

Sources told News18 that the government is likely to take a decision this week. They added that preparations for the ban have been completed and a notification is likely to be announced soon.

The PFI, an Islamic organisation, is already banned in several states, but the government now plans to ban the outfit through a central notification.

Violence had erupted last weekend during Ram Navami processions in Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal. On April 14, Madhya Pradesh BJP chief VD Sharma had alleged that the PFI funded the arson and stone-pelting in Khargone, which led to curfew being imposed in the area.

Speaking to News18.com, BJP Yuva Morcha chief Tejasvi Surya, too, accused the PFI of instigating communal tension. Stopped from proceeding to the stone-pelting site in Karauli in Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Surya said: “We didn’t have arms or stones in our hands unlike the PFI (Popular Front of India). We wanted to undertake the Nyay Yatra and demand justice for victims.”

Speaking to News18, PFI general secretary Anis Ahmed said the outfit had not done anything against the nation and would approach legal bodies in case the government tried to ban it.

“The government can’t ban us, we haven’t done anything against the nation. There are democratic and legal bodies to approach if the government tries to ban us,” he said.

Ahmed added that similar “campaign” was carried out in 2017 as well. “We haven’t heard anything from the state or central government. Such news keeps coming. A big campaign took place in 2017, but nothing happened. If the government says it officially, we will consider…”

The Intelligence Bureau had first created a dossier on the PFI in 2010, which called the group “a confederation of Islamic organisations which was collaborating with the banned Islamist terrorist Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI)”.

“Organisations like the Citizen’s Forum, Goa, Community Social and Educational Society, Rajasthan, Nagrik Adhikar Suraksha Samiti, West Bengal, Liong Social Forum, Manipur and the Association of Social Justice, Andhra Pradesh were all part of PFI’s growing network,” the dossier had said.

In 2017, calls for a ban on PFI received fresh impetus after the National Investigation Agency (NIA) submitted to the Home Ministry a comprehensive dossier which listed the Islamic group’s alleged links with terror-related cases that the agency had investigated.

The NIA dossier, details of which were accessed by News18 in 2020, said the PFI was the second avatar of the National Development Front which was formed in 1993 after the Babri Masjid demolition and subsequent riots.

pfi attacks pilgrims 1 - Dhinasari Tamil
pfi attacks pilgrims 1

“NDF subsequently merged with MNP of Tamil Nadu, KFD of Karnataka, Citizen’s Forum (Goa), Community Social and Educational Society (Rajasthan), Nagrik Adhikar Suraksha Samiti (Andhra Pradesh) etc to form PFI. Formation of PFI was first announced on 9.11.2006 in Bangalore,” the NIA dossier had said.

The PFI also has a political group – Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) — which took part in panchayat elections in Kerala.

The NIA had in its dossier listed the PFI and its political wing SDPI for involvement in the Bangalore blast case, Kerala professor palm-chopping case, the Kerala love jihad case among others.

“The cadres are consciously encouraged to intervene and react even in minor cases against members of the Muslim community. The cadre is also encouraged to act as guardian of Islamic values, thus effectively converting them into moral police. The cadres are given training in martial arts and combat using sticks and knives/swords at some locations in their strongholds,” the NIA document had said.

“Sangh parivar free Kerala” plans  PFI action plan

It is a startling news.  Popular Front of India (PFI), another avatar of banned SIMI, Kerala State Council has formulated an action plan to make RSS-Sangh parivar free Kerala.

It is reliably learnt that  this radical Islamic outfit’s ‘ sangh parivar free Kerala’ road map envisions to free the secular democratic system and people from influence of an ideology based on hate, violence and racial discrimination and their power which is put forwarded by Sangh Parivar.

It  says that their forefathers fought in the freedom movement not to live in slavery but enjoy the essence of freedom. “RSS is destroying the idea of this free secular India. The political power of Sangh Parivar and enforcement of the same is taking us back to slavery. Our decisions and stands should not be helpful to the enemies of the country (RSS). This is a historic moment, it demands socio-cultural and political resistance. Mere statements are not sufficient to keep fascism away from all walks of social life. Soft Hindutva and Hindu extremism are not two but they are identical and same. By taking soft Hindutva stands some of the secular political parties are actually supporting the fascists” it explains. Calling the secular parties to come out of this dubious stand to reject RSS. “People collectives should emerge from a proud feeling based on an understanding that all sections of the society has equal right and share over the country” say sources.

The state council of PFI accused RSS of influencing Hindu society using its Hindutva agenda.” Common Hindus can’t associate with this RSS agenda. Religion is just a tool for RSS in its annihilation agenda. Hindus should realize that the RSS is exploiting Hinduism for bloodshed. Therefore, Hindu society should come forward to condemn RSS”. 

PFI said “ RSS is trying to eliminate Muslims and other sections of the society by threatening with genocide. After its victory in UP, RSS is imaging to establish a Hindu Rashtra. For the same they are trying to create an atmosphere of communal hatred and tension in the country. But people will not allow that. Today the country is divided into two RSS on the one side and the people who wish to see justice prevailing in India is on another side. People who believe in secular-democratic principles should take the side that is opposite to the RSS”  

It also unveiled its strategy by saying ‘ the PFI will be in the  vanguard for a nationwide people front which needs to be evolved for anti-RSS resistance. It appeals to all to join the effort to regain India’.

The two day state general council was inaugurated by its national chairman OM Abdul Salam. In his inaugural address, he alleged that the recent electoral victory of BJP in four states was due to the communal polarization by RSS and BJP.” The day  when the country gets freedom from the clutches of RSS is not too far. The existing opposition is not capable to challenge the might of BJP and there is a need for  new opposition to take the BJP and Sangh parivar head-on”.

ISIS  has given a call to wipe off Hindus from India , especially the PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah , Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath  and the saints of Varanasi , Haridwar etc.

It is at a time when demand for ban this terrorist outfit is going loud, PFI is trying to preempt from action.

(with inputs from News18 and VSK Kerala.com)

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