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HomeNewsWhy can't opposition leaders leave the Farmers and the Govt., alone?!

Why can’t opposition leaders leave the Farmers and the Govt., alone?!


At the Farmer’s agitation site, all type of men & machineries, including bulk Chapati & Poori making machines are deployed at like a War site, to feed the farmers day & night. As per various media reports Tonnes of food stuffs are available or assured from sources to continue the strike even for a year…

It is much a pride for we Indians to know that our Farmers are such an economically powerful Farmers. It is now confirmed that our Farmers are so wealthy and self reliant that they can Strike for months without doing any work.

During Shahinbaug strike also the participants were provided with food and shelter round the clock without any fund shortage…
But during the Covid lock down period thousands of migrant labours and their families walked hundred of kilometers by road and through available vehicles. There was no one from these facilitators seen anywhere to feed them Even a single meal to these poor migrants.

Now Kejriwal is arranging shelter and Food to the striking farmers, from the tax payers money while the nation wonders why he could not provide such facilities to the poor labours…

Even a well paid IT professional cannot afford to live with out a month’s salary. In India about 95 % of farmers are very poor who are not able to live their life without farming even for a month…. While looking at the pictures it speaks a different story.

Here at the strike venue, Singhu site, five star menu foods including Badaam, Pista, raisins, Cashew nuts, Butter, Milk etc are serving round the clock.. About six months stock of the above food stuffs are stocked there.

Thousands of Expensive overcoats to fight the cold are stocked there, also thousands of Tractors and other expensive vehicles are parked there to meet six months requirements which gives a common man a feeling that this is not a Farmer’s strike but seems to be a war against an elected government…

Here is another twist of fate, an irony of fate in India. Only 2% lobby is holding 98% against the wall. Strange country strange people. Holding the Govt. at ransom only for political reasons.

After giving written assurances, farmers should have accepted and ended the agitation. This is blackmail tactics by a motivated group. The way of functioning of the agitation itself now reveals to the country that, this is not a movement of the Farmers.

Why can’t opposition leaders leave the Farmers and the Govt. alone. The masks over the faces of the opposition itself speaks the truth….


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