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Raising “JaiSriRam” Slogan… Is it a crime? We can’t afford more loss of life! #RinkuSharma



The gruesome killing of 25 year old youth Rinku , actively involved in the fund collection for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has once again proved that Ram  Bakthas and Hindus have no protection from the state machinery. He was killed in cold blood for raising ‘ Jai Sri? Ram ‘ slogans and being part of the donation drive for the Ram Temple. There are attempts by police to pass it off  an ordinary murder over personal issues.

Rinku Sharma, a 25 year old is a BJP’s Yuva Morch worker and member of VHP.  He was working as a lab technician in a hospital in Paschim Vihar and was associated with Bajrang Dal.  Rinku attended an awareness rally last month regarding Ram Temple’s construction in the Mangolpuri area. There was a dispute at that time with the Zahid ( accused).

The case settled down amicably by the locals.  On that fateful day Rinku had gone to attend his friend Babu’s birthday bash on 9th February. Akash, Sacchin, Zahid and Golu also attended the party. They were friends of Rinku.  

Babu, who told police , “ my birthday was on February 9 and I organized a party for my pals on the 10th . Rinku, Sacchin, Akash, Sandeep , Golu and Zahid attended the party. Suraj said asked permission to bring Chingu (Zahid) to the party. A fight broke out at the party between Sacchin and Zahid. They slapped each other. Suraj also slapped Sacchin. I asked Sacchin to go home to bring situation under control.  When we were ( Akash, Rahul and I) talking to Rinku,  we saw a sudden commotion on the street and  people were attacking Rinku with clubs. We rushed to him to hospital. Zahid’s uncle Tasuddin who came to hospital misbehaved with me. Rinku had nothing to with it. He wanted to go home”.

It is learnt that Rinku had a dispute with the accused at the birth day party. The attackers barged into his house and stabbed him to death.   

But Sharma’s brother Mannu Sharma poo pooh the police version . He alleged that his brother was killed due to his involvement in the donation drive for Ram Mandir construction in Ayodhya. The incident has taken a communal colour as the victim and accused belongs to different communities. Police stick to their stand saying the murder took place due to personal enmity and denied any communal angle in the gruesome killing. 

The police has so far arrested Tazuddin, Zahid, Mehtab and Danish Nasseruddin, Dilshan Islam in this connection. Sharma was killed by Muslims because he chanted Jai Sri Ram and was collecting transferred for Ram Temple. When the police were trying to bury the case, Delhi residents vented their objections. The nettizens demanded a through probe into the murder case.

After the backlash, Delhi police had backtracked a bit to say they are investigating all angles related to the murder of Rinku sharma.   While police came on record to say that there was no communal angel to the murder, videos on social media and more evidence proved beyond doubt that the case was not as cut and dry as the Delhi police were making it out to be with their statement.

The family of Rinku , neighbours, friends had all said that he was murdered by a mob of 15-20 Muslims after a clash that erupted during the Ram Temple donation campaign on 10th . The investigation and statement of the police did not go well with the people. Close on the demands of Rinku Sharma’s family and various organizations, Delhi force was forced to transfer the case to Special crime branch from the Mangolpuri police station. 

The initial downplaying of communal angle by the Mangolpuri police has now led to transfer to the Crime Branch. Before his murder, Rinku had donated his blood to the wife of one of the attackers who killed him. The woman was pregnant and six months ago. She was in a critical condition. Rinku volunteered to donate blood to her not once but twice to her.  The incident proved the old saying “ if one feeds a serpent with milk , the snake will kill him one day”.

Senior Congress leader and Supreme Court advocate Abishek Manu Singhvi questioned Kejriwal why he did not visit the Rinku sharma family when he could rush to UP to meet the Dadri cattle thief’s family.  In 2015 Mohammed Akhlaq died in a mob lynching for allegedly eating a beef during Eid . Kejriwal did not bother to go and talk the Rinku Sharma family. Why “  he was Hindu! Mangolpuri is very closer to Kejriwal.  Both killings are brutal in nature.  Not only Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi too rushed to Dadri. The media wrote columns after columns. TV run nonstop debates”  This is nothing but a hypocrisy and a vote bank politics. For them Minority welfare is paramount than Hindus.


உடனுக்குடன் தினசரி தமிழ்ச் செய்திகளை உங்களது டெலிகிராம் ஆப்.,பில் பார்க்கலாம்!
தினசரி செய்திகள் சேனலில் இணையுங்கள்!


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