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    Ishaism Vs Evangelism: Definitely not by accidence but surely by Design!

    It is definitely not by accidence but surely by design. Couple of days before the besieging of Loyala College protest


    * T.S. Venkatesan

    It is definitely not  by accidence but surely by design. Couple of days before the  besieging  of Loyala College protest was to be held by Hindu fora, a little known outfits including not so popular genre mutt Saiva mutt heads, crypto Christians, former naxal leader P David Maniarasan and others clamor for nationalization of Isha Foundation and opposed Jaggi Vasudev’s temple redeem movement saying he is a Kannadiga.

    Tamil Nadu Progressive League (Tamil Nadu MunnetraKazhagam) president and advocate S K Saami has announced that on 15th  he and his supporters would besiege the Loyala college demanding handing over the encroached over 50 acre of land and production of parent document. It is alleged that the Chennai Loyalacollege 99 year lease period ends on 2021 year end. More than Rs.1000 crore value property belongs to Sri Kabaleeswara temple Mylapore”.

    The college, an autonomous institution, is being run by Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and directly owned by the Christian Missionaries from Rome and is an affiliated to the Madras University.  It is a huge defaulter to the Greater Chennai Corporation, aggregating to nearly one crore rupees. It is alleged Corporation has not taken any serious steps to recover the dues. 

    He has also started a petition in Change.org seeking support to reclaim lease expiring temple in possession of LoyalaCollege.  In the public notice, it said that its sincere efforts to elicit information to find out the truth or otherwise of these alelgations by directly contacting the management of Loyala college was unsuccessful. 

    “ our investigation have revealed evidence of encroachment.  We request it to prove its tile to the entire land in their possession as on date including the lease agreements and the expiry dates of the leases. It shall prove that they have cleared all their government bills/ arrears to the corporation of Chennai, TNEB and metro water etc.Tamil Nadu government, HR and CE, should provide in the public domain the complete itemized  details about how many Tamil temple lands were leased out to other religions perions or groups denominations and in particular, the entire lease deed and other details of the temple lands leased out if any , to Loyala college.   

    There is a massive overt and covert proselytizing machinery of the Roman Catholic religion and in an event held in the garb of patronizing folk arts at the college exhibition, the venerable Bharat Matha and Hindu gods and women were allegedly denigrated”.  Secondly, JaggiVasudev has given call for Free Tamil Nadu’s Temple movement which has been a hit among devotees. 


    Moreover, the recent IT raids on Paul Dhinakaran group and actions against his illegal land grabbing, religious conversion activities made the evangelical groups upset. They suspect that Isha Foundation was behind all these actions against preacher Paul Dhinakaran group.

    Irked by these developments, on 13th of this month, Theiva Tamizh Peravai coordinator and Tamil DesiyaPeriyakkam( Tamil nationalist Movement) leader P David Maniarasan, Karuvoorar Siddhar Peetam, Moongiladiyar, KoochanurVadaguru Mutt head KoochanurKizhar, Sathyabama Trust head Sathyabama Ammaiyar, Madras HC senior advocate S Sendhilnathan, Avadi Saiva Tamil Peravai head Kalaiarasi Natarajan ( a crypto in a hindu name)  and others addressed the press meet. In that they have alleged that JaggiVasudev has been instigating people to dissolve HR and CE with an intention of taking temple in his fold.

    “Action should be taken against JaggiVasudev.  Karnakata born JaggiVasudev’sIsha foundation has been functioning against the tenets of well settled worshipping guidelines and is against Saiva and Vasishnava worshipping agamas. 

    We request the TN government to take over the Isha foundation immediately and order a probe against charges of land encroachments”.  TN government should form panel to set right the wrongs identified and pointed out “ said the resolutions passed at the meet.  Interestingly the David Maniarasan and others did not mince a word about KarunyaUniversity which is alleged of encroaching elephant corridor and forest lands, its forced religious conversion etc.

    Maniarasan who wants prayers in Tamil nadu should not demand prayers in Mosque should be only Tamil not in urdu. Maniarasan also urged the Tamil Nadu government to initiate action against Jaggi Vasudev for illegally mobilizing people to protest infront of temple and Mutts.  He also claimed Juggi and other dominant forces ( he means Brahmins) acting with an ulterior motive to take over the Hindu temples and dissolving the HR and CE department.

    “Temples can’t be handed over to private outfits as they were built and maintained by kings bygone era. All poojastemples should be performed  in Tamil only. According to CAG report  2017, papge 32 para 2,8,5,1Jaggihad  encroached forest lands and the Adi Yogi statue and the building in 109 acre of land were illegal. They should be razed down and the lands to be handed over back to tribals. We condemn the Tamil Nadu government for not taking action against the foundation”.

    These people are against use of Sanskrit and agamas in Temples. Can they demand anyone with training could become church pastors and moulis and kazhis in mosques?  Even in the press conference, he was seen without wearing any religious mark on his forehead. What was his interest in opposing Isha and demanding Tamil is medium of prayer in Hindu Temples except he was acting on the behest of some powerful lobbies which want to destroy Hindu tradition in all possible means.

    The outfit has announced dusk to dawn fast protest in Thanjavur in support of its demands on 8th May.  He has also levelled serious allegations against Jaggivasudev. “ Jaggi is facing several criminal cases in Karnaataka high Court”. Sun News channel made the live telecast of the presser. Thankfully barring a few mainstream media others did not find it worth to cover the same. It failed to get wide publicity in both print and visual media.

    Maniarasan had already filed petitions in courts seeking to perform archanai( storams )  in Tamil only and consecration of Temple in Tamil, appoint all who have got trained in priesthood. “ We do not know what their relevance in poking nose in Hindu religion and temple affairs. He was involved in naxal movements and went underground for several years. Still cases are pending against him.

    See the timing. After the assemblypolls , a new government in  all  likelihood AIADMK-BJP led alliance will form next government. They are panicked. After Paul Dhinakaran, BJP’s next target would be Loyala which has become a breeding place for Hindu phobic and mass conversation activities besides spreading canards against Hindu religion and gods through its controlled film, you tube channels.

    These are diversionary and preemptive activities to divert attention” pointed out Senthil of BJP.  He also asks if Karnataka born Jaggi could not launch free temple movement, was it alright to pop singer Rihana, Miya Khalifa , Grea Thunberg interfereing in sovereign matters like farmers amendment act “

    Isha foundation has rebutted the allegations made by Maniarasan and his little unknown genre and questionable mutt heads and others who took part in the press meet.  In a statement, Isha foundation, said unfettered by attempts of vested interests with the purpose of derailing the people’s movement, Isha will continue to work with the democratically elected government to find a solution to bring #Tamil Temples back in the hands of devotees and restore their glory”.

    It claimed that the “free Tamil Nadu Temple campaign’ has had an overwhelming response from the Tamil people. “ Sadhguru has given voice to millions of devotees in Tamil  Nadu and has found a response in varying degrees from across the political spectrum. ‘pop-up’ outfits who have not spoken when the Tamil Nadu government submitted to the High Court about the plight of Tamil Temples should not preach to the Tamil people about who should manage the temples.  

    maniarasan group pressmeet

    A press meet was recently held to discredit the movement through baseless allegations against Sadhguru and Isha foundation. We condemn this flagrant act to blemish the democratic attempt of Tamil people to responsibly put forth before an election, what truly matters to them and beats in their hearts. 

    Sadhguru and Isha foundation have found adoration among millions of Tamil people for extensively work spread over 3 decades in Tamil Nadu. Repeated attempts by various groups to deter the activity of the foundation have not succedded because of their tireless and selfless efforts of millions of volunteers across Tamil nadu. This attempt will meet the same fate”

    Before JaggiVasudev,  others have raised that HR and CE should  hand over the temple administration to private run trusts. BJP also demanded the same in its 2021 assembly poll manifesto. These fringe groups that were not reacted at that time, are now up against Jaggi is intriguing.

    Can they ask for Churches and Mosques be run by government ?in a secular country, there should be one rule. “Hindu temples income should be used for running colleges, educational and medical institutions”  to create level playing field.

    உடனுக்குடன் தினசரி தமிழ்ச் செய்திகளை உங்களது டெலிகிராம் ஆப்.,பில் பார்க்கலாம்!
    தினசரி செய்திகள் சேனலில் இணையுங்கள்!


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