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    Parents fear to send their children to Tamil Nadu state education! Do you know the reason?

    Your weekly has been regularly writing about how the nearly three month old MK Stalin led DMK government has been silently and subtly pushing Christians

    dpi office chennai
    dpi office chennai

    By – T.S.Venkatesh –

    It seems TN Textbook and Educational Services Corporation (TNTESC) is place to accommodate all Hindu phobic, anti BJP and vulgar speech peddlers, If the recent appoints are any indication. Also it shows Christians are a preferred lot for these coveted posts that is the base for shaping the young mind. A senior Minister’s daughter in law wants a law that forbid arrests of church fathers, bishops, and Nuns without the concurrence of Vatican Pope

    Your weekly has been regularly writing about how the nearly three month old MK Stalin led DMK government has been silently and subtly pushing Christians in all key , plum and decision making posts. All the decisions are being taken only to safe guard the interests of minority community. Earlier AIADMK was to accused of rank minority appeasement in its 10 year rule.

    J Jayaranjan, a known Modi hater in TV debate shows and speeches was rewarded with a plum post in the Tamil Nadu Development Policy Council (SDPC)as its vice chairman. The defacto chairman CM Stalin will have a vice chairman, a full time member and eight part time members. Prof Rama Srinivasan, who allegedly has a dubious and questionable past in acquiring professorship and registrar appointment, has been made vice- chairman of the council which has raised eye brows. It is a planning commission.

    As a Econometrist, Srinivasan has economic background and was never a guide to any student pursuing PhD. He was said to be an active AIADMK supporter till March this year. The case is the same for other members of the council, but notable common link is the supporter of Dravidian ideologies, Hindu phobic and anti-Modi. CM’s secretariat is filled with Christian officers who call the shots in the name of CM.


    Father Maria Susai, who shared with pride, how he inserted portions portraying Christianity in School curriculum from 1st 12th standard when he was a member earlier. He is learnt to have an anti-naxal background. Now he is made member of TN Public Service Commission and Dindigul I Leoni as the chairperson of the TNTESC. He is known for his sexist, anti-Hindu jibes in his debate shows and poll campaigns.

    He compared the waist of women with Cow. Now Suba Veerapandian , best known for his anti-Hindu speeches particularly targeting Brahmin community and Strong Modi hater, has been appointed as Text book body. This anti-Hindu peddler supported the lyricist Vairamuthu who has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. Vairamuthu made a disparaging comment on saint poet Andal.

    Suba Veerapandian runs Dravida Iyakka Tamilar Peravai, b- team of Dravidiar Kazhagam and DMK, spreads the principles of separatist and demagogic Dravidian ideology. Subavee , as shortly called a bania community member, incites hatred against the Tamizh Brahmins through his TV debates and speeches. Sometimes back, Tamil Lyrist Thamarai made scathing remarks against SubaVee and her ex living partner Thiagu, accusing them of sexual harassment.


    He was not only accused of being an partner in sexual misconduct but he was also a vital figure of an organization that the Tamil Nadu government banned on August 13,2002, the Tamil National Movement (TNM) led by ex-congressman and hardcore LTTE supporter, Pazha Nedumaran. In that banned outifit, Subavee was the general secretary. The TNM was banned and labelled a ‘unlawful group’ by the Tamil Nadu government.

    Subavee, Nedumaran, Thayappan Ahmed and Pudukottai Pavanan have been charged under section 21(2) (3) of POTA and were arrested for allegedly canvassing in favour of the banned LTTE at a meeting held in Chennai in 2002. Ailing Senior DMK Power Minister Arcot N Veerasamy had condemned the provocative speeches of Subavee in the past. Now he has been rewarded with an advisory committee of TNTESC. In a meeting, Subavee told a gathering of school children that ruling BJP government is for the Brahmins and this is government for Brahmins”.

    Common and neutral people question is this way a rationalist person would speak to children? Will this not bring a divide between Brahmin and non-Brahmin students in schools? What kind of advice would he give if he was appointed to the advisory council of the TNTESC? Will not he misuse his position to spread anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin hatred? Who will be the DMK government’s next appoint? Could the man convicted of killing former Prime Minister as chairman of state human rights commission?” journalist Kaathavarayan asks.

    In another development, Senior DMK Minister I Periaswamy’s daughter in law and wife of MLA son I P Snthil Kumar has stoked a controversy. Senthil Kumar married to Mercy, a RC Christian by birth and it is quite natural he should have converted to that religion. Following the death of Stan swamy she said a law should be brought in to requiring the approval of Vatican’s Pope’s approval to arrest Christian pastors and sisters around the world.


    Mercy was heard saying in a video that has gone viral on social media, “ everyone speaking out about Pastor Stan Swamy’s death. I am here to say my opinion to you. We are all bound by our family circles and we can only volunteer in our spare time. But what respect do we give to priests and sisters who dedicate their entire lives to service? A priest ( Stan Swamy) )passed away recently. Today, 200 people gathered in solidarity with him. Another priest and a sister will be struggling somewhere else tomorrow”.

    Mercy said it was due to the arrival of fathers and sisters, education and rationality came to India. You see majority of the educational are being run by priests and sisters, who should teach politics and law. We should teach on sainthood in the colleges with Christians.

    periyasami dil speech - 1

    Christian Pastors and sisters as heroes and heroines” she pointed out. So I want a legislation should be enacted that would require prior approval from Vatican Pope to arrest pastors, bishops or nuns around the world. The function was organized to condole the death of Stan Swamy.

    If the same logic is applied, to arrest whom should we get prior approval from kailash or Vaikundam?, asks Ravishankar a social media activist. Court appointed ex IG Ponn Manickavel’s probe ended with I Periaswamy and pointed a needle suspicion on several present and past Dravidian leaders. Now you will know why both DMK and AIADMK were against his investigation into the missing idol case in TN.

    உடனுக்குடன் தினசரி தமிழ்ச் செய்திகளை உங்களது டெலிகிராம் ஆப்.,பில் பார்க்கலாம்!
    தினசரி செய்திகள் சேனலில் இணையுங்கள்!


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