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    Subramania Siva’s Dream… Bharat Mata temple at Dharmapuri..!

    Last year your weekly carried  how the AIADMK government to appease the minorities covered the statue of Bharat Mata installed in a private patta land in Puliyur village,

    Subramanya Siva baratmata horz
    Subramanya Siva baratmata horz


    It is deliberate.  But not a goof. Flouting the pandemic social distancing norm,  The Tamil Nadu DMK government has declared open the memorial for Bharat Mata ( not temple ) and a liberary recently which has kicked off a controvery. The nationalsits and patrioits want it to be changed to “temple”, as it was wish of freedom fighter Subramania Siva to build a temple for Bharata Mata.

    Tamil Nadu DMK government has been playing with the sentiments, patriotic beliefs and portraying its Hindu phobic and pro Abrhamic unwarranted actions. It is purely to cover up its multi front failure.such things , time and again,  have has been written, spoken and objected by people with nationalist thoughts and deveotees of Hindu gods.

    Only Recently ( on July 24) Catholic priest Father George Ponnaiah from Kanyakumari was arrested for his contentious and the rank deragatory remarks against Bharat Mata, Mother Earth besides hate speech targetting PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Hindutva. In a meet at Arumanai, Ponnaiah said “ Bharata Mata is dirty. She can cause scabies and skin rahses.  BJP MLA MR Gandhi does not wear slippers in reverence to Mother earth. But we wear shoes. Why? Because the impurities of Bharat Mata and Mother Earth should not contaminate us. The TN government has given us free footwear. This BhoomiDevi ( Mother Earth) is dangerous. You could catch scabies from her”. Thanks to judiciary’s  concern for his age and health, he is now on a contionail bail. Whereas people who criticised  DMK government have been slapped with Goondas act and are continuing to spend their days in jail. None of the speakers or politicians in DMK and its allies  for their most deragatory comments are roaming free.

    Now back to Dharmapuri Bharata Mata temple issuse. Minister for Publicity M.P. Saminathan on 1st August  inaugurated the Bharat Mata Memorial and library set up at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore in the district. He later told presspersons that it was the dream of freedom fighter Subramania Siva to build a memorial for Bharat Mata and it was realised now. The minister claimed that during the regime of former Chief Minister Karunanidhi, a memorial was built for Subramania Siva and it was inaugurated in 2011.

    bharatha matha ninaivalayam2
    bharatha matha ninaivalayam2

    A temple for Bharat Mata was wish of the late freedom fighter Subramania Siva, a close confident of poet Subramania Bharathi. He purchased six acre land in Papparappati for buildin this temple but he died before his dream came true.   The foundation stone for this temple was laid by the late freedom fither Deshbandhu CR Das on June ,1923. A large number of freedom fightgers thought  that Bharat Mata is the national personificaitn of Bharat as a mother Goddess.  Former TNCC president Kumarai Anandan had been urging the governemnt for a long time that the temple for Bharat Mata should be constructed at Papparappati. He undertook many Padayatras demanding the buildign of the temple in the past. He had urged then CM J jayalalithaa iun 2013. Though she agreed to fulfil this, the demand was remained unfulfilled.  TMCleaderlate BS GnanaDesikan ,who had also made similar demand, pointed out Subramania Siva was born in Batlagundu in Dindigul district, which happens to be the native place of the Siva. BJP leaders have also made pressure for the temple.The government has built a memorail for Siva.

     In this background, the minister inaugurarted the same in a haste. It, seemed,  was a kneer jerk over night decision. The DMK government had wantonly mentioned in the invitation, sighboard and banners that Bharat Memorial and Library.

    Senior Journalist Maalan said “Siva bought six acres of land  at Bharathapuram in Dharmapuri district and laid the foundation stone too. But Siva’s dream was not materialised. The AIADMK government has allocatedRs. 1.5 crore to build a temple and initiated construction works. When the it was nearing completion, DMK Minister has inaugurated the same. what made people to protest is the name board put up at the entrance saying “ Bharata Matha Memorial”. Memorials are normally built in rememberance of the dead not the one is perceived to be live by crores of Bharathiyas. Bharat Mata temple is a permanent worshipping place and a place for reverence. Bharat or the India has been vibrant with most civilised successful role mode civilisations for the 4,000 years to boast. She has been birth place of varied ancient classic lanauges, literature and so on. Even today she has been showcausing her skills in space science, Computer, Medicine and other areas which are being keenly watched and praised with avow.She is still alive not dead. We consider her as the mother. That is why we call her mother land. The  TN government should forthwith remove the word Memorial from the name board. It should be called “Bharata Mata temple”. We will continue to urge this demand till it is done”. 

    Petition in this regard has been given to the District collector.  The petitioners have also demanded the temple should be administered as per ‘Agmas’ with a idol for Bharata Mata. It will help people to throng the temple that  will generate income for the district besides creating employment opportunities.

    Netisons condemning the DMK government’s haste in inaugurating the temple  when Hindu places of worship were not allowed to open citing pandemic norms. It opened the temple with a deliberate violation and demeaned the Bharat Mata as a dead person. Social media actitst with nationalist thinking  said “soon memorial for DMK will be built, if it bents on going ahead with its Hindu phobic and anti-national agenda”.

    Senior Journalsit Senkottai Sriram “during his incarceration, Siva was afflicted with Leprosy . After his release, he bought six acre of land and named the place as “Bharatapuram”. He brought veteran trade union leader  Chitranjan Das (CR Das)  1923 to lay the fountation stone. British raj unallowed Siva to travel in bus and Rail as he was a leprosy patient. Undeterred by this, he walked on foot  village after village to collect donations and gave lectures on Bharat Mata temple, freedom fighting movement . Within two years the end came leaving his dream unfulfilled. There have been several protests demanding construction of Bharat Mata temple. It should be a place for people with all religious faiths to  vitist and pray to let the patrictic fire of tongue continue to burn.  Bharathiyar used to say, if Siva speaks even the dead will come alive. Such was his oratorial skills that would mesmorise and spell bound the audience.

    Last year your weekly carried  how the AIADMK government to appease the minorities covered the statue of Bharat Mata installed in a private patta land in Puliyur village, ostensibly as it offended the sensibilities of the Christians in the vicinity.   After protests, the cover was removed.  Prime Minister  Modi visited Bharat Mata temple in Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari a couple of years ago.


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