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Lapse in security provided to our PM by the TN State Govt., :K.Annamalai

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This press release is based on the memorandum submitted by the Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party to the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu in regard to the major security lapse that occurred during our Honourable Prime Minister Thiru Narendra Modi avargal’s visit to Chennai on the 29th of July 2022.

Our Honourable Prime Minister Thiru Narendra Modi avargal was in Chennai for the inauguration of the 44th Chess Olympiad on the 29th of July 2022. The inaugural event was held at Nehru Indoor Stadium; the State’s Chief Minister, Thiru MK Stalin avl, Ministers and Bureaucrats of the State Government, and distinguished dignitaries from over 180 countries were in the stadium to attend this event.

The event was held in a highly sensitive state like Tamil Nadu in the presence of many dignitaries, and extra security measures were needed, especially when our Honourable Prime Minister was visiting.

It has come to light that most of the Handheld metal detectors, Door frame metal detectors and Bomb detectors that were used in the Security arrangement were not in order and were overdue for maintenance and replacement.

In the past, Bharatiya Janata Party Tamil Nadu submitted with evidence the involvement of ADGP Intelligence in the fake passport scam. Unfortunately, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has not initiated any action against him. He continues to head a very sensitive department which continues to fail in its basic duty of protecting our state and its citizens.

The Law and order of the State is deteriorating with every passing day. The Tamil Nadu State Government had not attended to the specific intelligence input shared by the Central Intelligence authorities, which resulted in the Coimbatore suicide bomb attack.

Prior to that, the violence in Kallakurichi and the PFI bombing in 19 different places only prove the complacency of the State Government. The DMK Government in power continues to use the State Intelligence Department to settle their political scores, not for professional reasons.

To ensure adequate and functional security devices is also the responsibility of the State Police department and the Government of Tamil Nadu. After the Honourable Prime Minister’s visit and after the central agencies pointing out the lapses, a circular to all police stations demanding a status report of all Security devices was sent out recently by the TN State Police department. Unfortunately, this status report should have been called before our Honourable Prime Minister visited the state.

By compromising on the security devices, the State government has not just goofed up in ensuring a Vital area is sanitised before a VVIP’s visit but has also missed providing the security personnel on the field with functional security devices, thus putting to risk our Honourable Prime Minister. This problem is also manifested in other places of strategic importance, such as Temples, Monuments, Government offices and places with large public gatherings. We are given to understand that the security devices installed in these areas will also need a thorough audit.

We had requested the Honourable Governor to kindly instruct the State Government for an impartial enquiry on this matter, and suitable action be initiated against those found guilty. We also requested that an independent audit be conducted on the present inventory of security devices.


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