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HomeNewsThanks to PM Modi for starting new Freight Trains between Pattukkottai -...

Thanks to PM Modi for starting new Freight Trains between Pattukkottai – Rajapalayam

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“Thanks to PM Modi for starting new Freight Trains between Pattukkottai – Rajapalayam after 30 years” – Farmers and Activist Manish Ramanathan applauds

Farmers, traders, lorry owners, load lifting workers and well known science enthusiast Manish Ramanathan have thanked the Prime Minister of India and Southern Railway Administration for starting the new freight train service between Pattukottai – Rajapalayam after 30 years.

The construction of broad gauge railway track on Tiruvarur – Pattukkottai – Karaikudi route started in 2012 and completed in 2019 and passenger trains are now operated. Later on, the land was acquired to set up a freight terminal at Pattukottai railway station in the year 2019. The Railway Ministry sanctioned Rs. 8 crores to build cargo terminal office, access roads for lorries, cement floors for full of terminal, and electric light towers were constructed. The project was concluded two months back. 

Following this, last Monday morning, pujas were conducted on behalf of the truck owners, loading workers and the railway officials. Later on, Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation rice bundles were taken to Rajapalayam in freight train with 21 vagons for grinding factories.

Also, the Central Ministry of Railways has recently responded to the letter written by popular environmental activist, writer and content creator Manish Ramanathan, stressing various demands, and it has been informed that steps will be taken to implement the track construction work between Pattukottai – Thanjavur and to start new train services on the new route to stop at Pattukottai and Peravurani areas to boost the agricultural supply chains.


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