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Vandalisation DMK MP’s Car, Police station, attack on women police are clear signal that none are safe in TN..!

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tricjy siva kn nehru

Vandalisation DMK MP’s car, two wheelers, police station , attack on women police personnel are  clear signal that none are safe in  Tamil Nadu. Crime graphs is also soaring high with daily seizure of ganja in huge quantities

— TS  Venkatesan


Supporters of TN Municipal Administration K N Nehru vandalised DMK senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP Tiruchi Siva’s car, two wheelers and other properties and  vandlisation of police station  besides attacking a women police constable injuring her  badly is a tell tale proof of worsening law and order situation in the state. It clealy shows the visible crack  at the high strata of the party and the internecine feud among senior members of Dravidian major and top leader’s lack of grip over them.

According to a video that went viral in social media, on 15th  March , supporters of K N Nehru , who came in a vehicle gate crashed Tiruchi Siva’s house and started attacking his SUV car with wooden clubs and damaging the two wheelers parked their.   They went o a rampage at the resident at Bank Offices’ colony. They also pelted stones and throw chairs broke the flower pots, windows of the house. .  The police personnel stood a mute spectator instead of stopping them from damaging the properties.  It is alleged that K N Nehru was in the car while his goons unleashing violence on his own party MP who was on a official foreign tour.  Nehru made headlines earlier with his heroic (?) acts.

In the first instance on January 10, a video surfaced on social media showing DMK Minister KN Nehru slapping Trichy 54th Ward councillor Member of Pushparaj, on the head during a government welfare programme in Trichy.

In the second one, at a function in Salem to felicitate new youth and sports Minister Udhaya Nidhi Stalin, Minister Nehru caught on camera roughing up cadres who tried to shake hands with new minister. He caught him by the scruff of his neck and pushed him away who tried to get closure TN Minister Udayanidhi Stalin to shake hands.

The current of incident of attack on a fellow party senior showed that party chief M K Stalin has no control over thesenior leaders belonging to his father’s days. Also it showed the visible cracks in the party. As a damage control measure, Stalin asked to bury their hatchets.  The two leaders met and spoke to the media that everything was alright.”let by gones by gones . The party is important for us. We work at different levels for the betterment of the  party “  Tiruchi Siva said. Earlier reacting to the attack , he said that he was  pained by the attack on his house by Minister’s supporters. 

The violence erupted after the supporters of Siva waved black flags at Nehru when he came to SBO Colony for the inauguration of a badminton court.

Later, the supporters of Nehru reached the Sessions Court police station and attacked the detained supporters of Siva. In the scuffle, a woman constable, identified as Shanthi, sustained injuries after she tried to prevent them from entering the station. DMK suspended the four people involved in the attack.  Unconfirmed sources when Stalin  called Nehru for explanation and to condemn,  the latter alleged to have told him he has the support of nearly 50 MLAs. Nehru refused to see Stalin’s son in law Sabareesan , key member of the’ kitchen cabinet’.

AIADMK leader Kovai Sathyan told media “There’s an anger simmering within the seniors and juniors of the DMK ever since Udhayanidhi Stalin has been elevated as a state Cabinet Minister. This is the dynasty politics we’ve held the DMK responsible for.” It is pertinent to note that factional feuds, like Congress party, once considered an inherent one in the DMK, have started surfacing in the recent days.

AIADMK Interim General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami said, “The chief minister of this government, who has the police department in his hands, did not suppress those who attacked the police station, but suspended them from the party.  what is happening in Tamil Nadu is people’s rule? Tsarist rule? Everyone is so frozen by the daily happenings that they don’t even know that. The anarchy of the ruling DMK is increasing day by day and has created great fear among the people.

In a statement he said  “reports of a minister being shown a black flag by his own party members and the ruling DMK councillors complaining against the local mayors and leaders of the ruling DMK in the local councils are happening all over Tamil Nadu.  I urge this incompetent government to immediately control the murders, robberies, sexual crimes, drug sales and smuggling, and the anarchy of the ruling DMK executives in Tamil Nadu and establish the rule of law. “Otherwise, these rulers should not forget that the policemen, officers and civilians who suffer daily from these rulers will rally against this regime”.  Let us see some of key important to understand how bad the law and order situation.

In January this year, two DMK youth wing functionaries molested a police constable on protection duty in a public meeting in which MP Kanimozhi participated, ” 

In February this year, an army man who was on holiday, was hacked to death by a DMK men including a councillor and his police son.

On Februry 21, Chennai city police launched a hunt for a trio who allegedly attacked a police sub-inspector Sankar with an iron rod when their two-wheeler was flagged by police personnel during a vehicle check near Ayanavaram. While two other accused in the case, Ajith Kumar and Gautham, were nabbed, Surya had gone underground. police shot Surya in the leg after he allegedly tried to escape by attacking two police personnel with a knife.

A Sri Lankan refugee Robinson (32)  was arrested on 14th for attacking Sub Inspector suresh and constable Muthu with a broken bottle in the middle of the road in Tiruvallur district. Robinson and associates Amutharaj, John face several cases of theft and robberies pending against them. On 13th, two women constables who went to a location to enquire about the burglary incident   were manhandled. Inspector Sumathi , constables, Jagan and  Tamil Elakkya  of Virugambakkam Police station knocked on the door, Ponnuvel and Sugumar picked up an argument and pushed them away.The manhandled the women police personnel.

 A 53-year-old Anna University professor Sitalakshmi was attacked and dragged along the road in an unconscious state before being robbed in Trichy. The accused has been identified as Senthil Kumar and was arrested. He injured his leg while he was trying to escape from the police on a two-wheeler.  In a video it could be seen the incident that took place on 12th March when Sitalakshmi was walking alone near a school.  Senthil Kumar hit her on the head with a wooden plank.

Trichy city police opened fire at two rowdies when they tried to escape from their custody on february 20th afternoon. The two were injured on their legs.

Chennai police launched manhunt for the DMK councillor of the Ponneri Municipality after he allegedly resorted to violence on March 9,with family members over a dispute in sharing rent.

A gangster Raja  , who was in police custody for investigation of a murder case, was shot in his leg by the police ,allegedly after he opened fire  at Sub Inspector Krishnaveni  when he was taken to a neighbourhood of Coimbatore on 7th March for the recovery of a pistol.  Another SI Chandrasekkar, in a self defence,shot on his left leg .

Chennai police arrested travel agent Mohammed Thariq and his associates on February 11 for cheating another travel agent Mohammed Riyaz by giving fake UK visa papers 20 of his customers.

A woman  Mumtaz and four others including  Abdul Batcha, who posed a policemen in civvies and robbed cash from traders Rahman and Subba Rao in February this year and recovered 1.4 crores from them .

Earlier this month, Chennai police arrested an advocate Prassanna  Venkatesan ,who allegedly assaulted a sub-inspector Prabakaran who was on duty.  When the motorist during a vehicle check asked to produce papers, the advocate assaulted him.

In February, a gang hacked an advocate Muthukumar , practicing in district court, to death at Sorispurami in Thoothukudi 

In the same month a women railway keeper, who works as a railway gatekeeper at the level crossing 83 in Pavoorchatram between Tirunelveli and Sengottai was sexually assaulted while on duty in Tenkasi.   A stranger noticed her for a while and was waiting for the right time to sexually assault her. The woman fought for around 15 minutes with the accused, screamed for help in the window and somehow managed and escaped from the accused and entered the Village.

Burgalarers’ took 1.75 sovereign gold and Rs.25,000 in cash from Tiruttani based constable Yogaanantham’s house in last month.  Unidentified men burgled 30 sovereign of gold jewellery and Rs.three lakh cash from the house of a sub-inspector i Virudhunagar on February 18th.

Chennai Aminjikarai police arrested a 44 year old kannan for allegedly attacking a traffic policemen, who was returning home from work.

A murder accused and a history-sheeter Vinoth Kumar , who tried to  attack police personnel with a machete while in their custody , was shot at on the leg by the Madurai policy in self-defence in march 1st.

On 17th March, Tambaram police arrested a 4 member gang-A Mohammed Riyaz,A Al Amin, A Zahir Hussain and  G Gundala Seenu, for smuggling ganjga from Andhra Pradesh and seized 52 kg contraband from them.

A Special court for narcotics cases sentenced two men to 12-year-jail for smuggling 451 kg ganja from Andhra Pradhesh.

Thanjavur police team seized 285 kg of ganja worth more than Rs1 crore and arrested Hulk Karthi and Raghunathan who smuggled the contraband .

Pudukottai district based Village Administrative Officer Jayaravi varma was arrested while smuggling Ganja  last month.

Madippakkam police on 1st March arrested a ganja peddler Mariselvam,  who was reported to be absconding and was part of the gang that smuggld200 kg of Ganja from Andhra Praesh.

Four people including a juvenile were arrested for smuggling 3.5 kg of ganja and 50 grm of ganja oil from Visakhapatnam in February.  In a major haul of ganja meant for distribution in Chennai,, police seized 200kg of the contraband being smuggled in a car from Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu.

Coimbatore police arrested nine people on 1st March and seized 1,244 electric detonators and 622 gelatine sticks.

Chennai police on February 27, arrested two wheeler rider for smuggling 8 kg of ganja in Washermenpet while three 20-year old youths were arrested for possessing 5 kg of ganja.

In the past five months, Chennai city police have filed charge sheets against 582ganja peddlers.

There has been incidents of murder for gain, land grabbing by DMK and allies, extortion of money from traders, illegal liquor manufacturing and sale, counterfeit currency circulation , mobile and bag snatching ,crimes against women and girls and other crimes ever since the DMK rode to power. Shop owners who refused to give free briyani or goods, including money are being attacked. Anti national, secessionist , fundamentalist forces, conversion groups  are active in the state with official blessings While in opposition, DMK patriarch Karunanidhi commented that the “liver of the police had deteriorated. Opposition say “ the same things are being happening to the literally powerless hand tied stooges of ruling party police force”.


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