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    Dropping caste surnames from text books, a futile, unwarranted exercise!

    Though both the DMK an AIADMK are diametrically opposed in several things, but are in same boat when it comes to minority appeasement and anti-Hindu oppressive measures.


    -T.S.Venkatesan –

    Though both the DMK an AIADMK are diametrically opposed in several things, but are in same boat when it comes to minority appeasement and anti-Hindu oppressive measures. The case in hand is the decision to drop caste surnames of eminent scholars which in a short while erase them from the history and the minds of people who were familiar with such surnames. If Modi, Shah or Patel is dropped, how many of us will recognize them? The same situation is going to happen in the Dravidian state of Tamil Nadu.

    Dravidian parties whose sole avowed,self-proclaimed ideology areanti-Brahmanism, rationalism, against castes and savior of Tamil interests. How they have been claiming all along. Opposing Hindutuva, ridiculing spiritual beliefs, custom, prevent Hindus from celebrating festivals which they have been following time immemorial due to pressure from Abrahamic religions.

    The appointment of  Dindigual I Leony as chairman of the Tamil nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation has stoked a controversy. Your weekly has already covered in detail how the corporation has fallen into the hands of Christians. To suffice this, Leony is known for his sexist anti woman rants, Father Maria Susai who boasted how he had manipulated Christian lessons from 1st to 12the standard when he was curriculam designing panel, noted Modi and Hindu Phobic SubaVeerapandian, VT Arasu( DravidarKazhagam,) VA Geetha ( DravidarKazhagam) AiyeshaNatarjan, P KoSaravanan among others have been made members of the text book corporation. Leony said lessons about Karuaninidhi would be included.

    karunanidhi 96
    karunanidhi 96

    Now the text book corporation made a controversial decision by dropping caste identity or sur names in the text books. Eg in12th standard students, a lesson titled (PandaiyaKaalthuPallikoodungal( Schools in ancient times). It was written by U Ve. SwaminathaAyer, He has been referred to as U VeSwaminathan. He is fondly called Tamil Thattha( grandfather of Tamil).

    He was responsible for collecting rare Tamil texts and poems written in palm leaves by visiting  foot village after village and brought them in book form for the future generation. Most of the palm leaf works were in bad conditions. Some were termite eaten. In some leaves,words were not clear due to poor conservation and rough handling, poor up keep, wear and tear .If the sur name or the caste name is dropped, how many of us will recognize him.  The same may happen, if Subramanya Bharathi too.   

    Another example where the caste names of Mayavaram Vedanayagam Pillai, author of the first Tamil Novel,  U VeSaminathanIyer’s mentor MeenakshiSundramPillai , Sri Lankan Tamil scholar Thamodharam Pillai, poet Namakkal Kavingnar Ramalingam Pillai and others.

    A great scholar proficient in Tamil, Sanskrit and English, Dr PS SubrahmanyaSastri who translated Tolkappiyam , considered to be  one of the earliest available literary work in Tamil in 1930.

    Tolkappiyar, who is the author of Tolkappiyam is believed to have lived during the Second Sangam era – before 4,200 B.C. in freedom fighter MuthuramalingaThevar’s  caste name is omitted , he will became Muthuramaligam.   It is criminal waste of time and uncalled for futile exercise.


    In 1978 while addressing the centenary celebrations of DravidarKazhgam founder Periyar, the then CM MG Ramachandran announced that his government would take steps to remove caste reference from the names of streets and roads. Subsequently, a government order was issued in 1997 following communal clashes in southern districts. Even transport corporations had to drop the names of leaders done by Karunanidhi. Earlier they were named asPandian, Pallavan, Cheran, Cholan and PattukottaiAzhagiri, Jeeva, Maruthupandian transport corporations. By dropping caste in street names created confusion.

    In West Mambalam,SreenivaIyer, SrinivasaIyengar and Srinivasa Pillai street. After removal of caste names all became Srinivasan Street. Post men and people, new comers to the city had faced problems. In Reddy Street, after removing Reddy it became street. 

    There are somany examples. The Dravidian parties, who have been tall claims of abolishing caste system in the past 60 years, are thriving on castes, are clamoring reservations in the name of castes. Periyar was proud in calling himself as EV Ramaswamy Naicker, Annadurai too probe to be a Mudaliar (his caste).

    “Now the Text corporation instead of making the syllabus to meet to current fast changing world developments and prepare students to face the IAS, NEET, JEE etc is wasting its energy is useless exercise. In the similar vein will it drop the names of minority communities? Like Maraikkayar,Rowthar, etc? The DMK which bereft of any ideology or schemes for the public, doing such things to mask its failure in governing state.

    It fooled the people with false attractive poll promises which can never be made in view of the financial crunch. The newcurriculum was prepared after a gap of 14 years, The curriculum change was made, when IAS officer T Udhayachandran was the secretary of school education in the previous AIADMK government led by Edapadi K Palaniswamy. 

    Now, he is an important officer in the CM’s secretariat.  Udhaya chadran, alleged crypto Christian, has been trying to change of the narratives of keezhadi evacuations to prove it is a Roman Civilization jointly with Kanimozhi and fugitive father Jegath Gaspar Raj. Now Udhayachandran, it is alleged, by passing Chief Secretary, taking decisions, has been prime mover of this sur name dropping decision. CM secretariat is full of Christians.

    periyar rajaji
    periyar rajaji

    In another 4 and half years, entire history will be rewritten to suit their appeasement needs. Christians touted that it was because of their alms DMK won the polls, while TN Ministers openly accepted the same with pride. Can the government drop the nick names from leaders like Kaliganar, Perarinjar, ThanthaiPeriyar, PuratchiThalaivar, PuratchiThalaivi  etc. in Tamil Nadu , Christians , Muslims were allowed to celebrated their festivals, but Hindus were denied the same privilege citing Covid crowd control norms.

    Both the Dravidian government have been denying the rights of the Hindus. In removing encroachments also Hindu temples are demolished with lightning speed whereas the mosques, churches encroaching government lands of blocking traffic are left untouched.

    In one case, they removed the idol during midnight operations. Leaders who made derogatory remarks against Hindu gods, culture , BJP leaders are not arrested but people who quote or made reference against DMK leader or minoritis, have been arrested and slapped with Goondas or NSA act” point out Senior journalist Senkottai Sriram and vlogger Omampuliyar Jayarman.  

    PMK founder S Ramadoss has urged the TN government to allow the sur names of caste surnames of eminent scholars in Tamil textbooks which had been in practice, in a statement, he said “ though the intention of the government to abolish caste was welcome, such a move would erase the identity of the scholars. “ Caste system can be done away with only by creating equality among people, for which the government has to take various measures and the my party would support it”Ramadoss said.

    “That is why to ensure ( social)  equality, central and statement government are taking measures like reservation in education and hob, This should continue, instead move to drop caste sur names shows a lack of understanding of the issue. There is nothing wrong in dropping the caste names. But exemptions should continue to be given to the caste surnames of achievers as there is a risk of erasing their identity otherwise” he pointed out.

    உடனுக்குடன் தினசரி தமிழ்ச் செய்திகளை உங்களது டெலிகிராம் ஆப்.,பில் பார்க்கலாம்!
    தினசரி செய்திகள் சேனலில் இணையுங்கள்!


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