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TN BJP seeks CBI probe into fake passport scam and action against Intelligence chief

In the letter he said “ On June 28th, 2019, a 41-year-old Sri Lankan national was arrested for trying to board a flight to Sri Lanka using a passport obtained by producing fake documents.

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TN BJP seeks CBI probe into fake passport scam and action against Intelligence chief

Tamil Nadu BJP  Chief K Annamalai has written to the Governor, R N Ravi, demanding a probe into a fake passport case allegedly involving state intelligence chief Davidson Devaasirvatham  either by CBI or by the anti-terror central agency National Investigation Agency (NIA).

In his letter dated July 12, 2022, to the Governor, he has demanded immediate action against Devaasirvatham, charging the latter with blocking the investigation into the fake passport case involving some Sri Lankan nationals. Annamalai’s letter claimed that a total of 53 passports had been obtained by allegedly using fake documents from the Madurai Avaniyapuram police station area near Madurai city. 

In the letter he said “ On June 28th, 2019, a 41-year-old Sri Lankan national was arrested for trying to board a flight to Sri Lanka using a passport obtained by producing fake documents. On January 17th, 2020, a 61-year-old man was arrested for carrying a fake passport to travel to Dubai from the Madurai International Airport, and he was a resident of theSivagangai District.Between these two incidents, on 27.09.2019, a suo-moto case was registered under sections 120(b), 420,465, 468 and 471 of IPC and section 12(IA) (a), 12 (IA) (b) and section 12(2) of passport act 1967, against four individuals. The contents of the FIR read that passports have been obtained by Sri Lankan refugees showing fake identity and address proofs. All the 53 passports have been obtained under one jurisdictional police station, namely Avaniyapuram police station, Madurai City”.

Annamalai claimed that during such fake issuances, Illavarasu was the Inspector of Police, Dharmalingam was the Inspector of Police (Intelligence), Siva Kumar the AssistantCommissioner of Police (Intelligence), and Davidson Devaasirvatham was the Commissioner of Police of Madurai City. It is important to note that the Inspectors and theAssistant Commissioner have a role in the police verification process. The Q Branch CID investigating this case did not alter the FIR but had implicated not justpolice personnel but also passport authorities and the postal department in their investigation. However, this case was not taken to its closure, hit a roadblock, andpossibly stalemated.

A Writ of Mandamus was filed vide reference number 2563 of 2021 & 2112 of 2021 in the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court by an Advocate who asked for this case to be transferred to the CBI due to the unreasonable delay of the local police and their failure to fulfil their duties. Refusing CBI probe plea,  High Court ordered  a thorough probe. Eswaramurthy, IGP Intelligence-Internal security, who initiated a probe, has sent letters toconcerned departments (i.e. Passport offices, Post offices) for sanction of the suspected/ accused officers to be implicated and charge-sheeted in the case.

In his investigation, Eswaramoorthyadded DavidsonDevaasirvatham as one of the officials to be investigated in this case and sought the documents from the DGP, and the sanction letter was forwarded to Home Secretary for his consent.

The sanction letter from the Home Secretary was forwarded to ADGP Intelligence Davidson Devaasirvatham (who is also a party to this case) to provide the documents related to the case, and there has been no progress in this case ever since.While the officials in the Passport and Post offices have sent their consent, we learnt that consent for legal proceedings against the ADGP Intelligence Davidson Devaasirvatham hadn’t been granted, leading to hampering of the case trial and proceedings. Moreover, it is evident that the probe lacks transparency due to the involvement of those implicated in this case. BJP feels “in all possibilities, the material evidence would have been destroyed due to the exorbitant delay of DavidsonDevaasirvatham.

An issue related to our National Security is being investigated haphazardly and has defied the timelines to conclude this case as set by the HC.On the other hand, the whereabouts of the fake passport holders are unclear, and their modus operandi of obtaining fake passports and fleeing India poses a severe threat. All their cases revolve around a suspicious approval of the Madurai Police station, which cannot be treated as a casual forged incident.It is evident from this case that a cartel was formed.

“Without the involvement of theCommissioner of Police of Madurai during the period in which the fake passports wereissued, the lower rug officers couldn’t have committed this. And it is rather unfortunate that the DMK government and the Home Secretary have let a tainted officer handle the state’s Intelligence.We are given to understand that more than 200 fake passports were issued from Madurai during the period in which DavidsonDevaasirvatham was the city commissioner.Recently a Bangladeshi national was held carrying a fake passport in Chennai.

To avoid recurrences such as these, investigations mustn’t be stalemated to save a few, those who posed a severe threat to our National Security. Also, the National Investigative Agency in Tamil Nadu is already investigating a similar fake passport case which revealed the involvement of active Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres.

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TN has been witnessing increase in number of crimes against women including rape, killing in daylight, robberies, unfettered conversion, and love jihad. A recent data says law and order has gone deteriorating. TN DGP SylanderaBabu is keen on posting his peddling prowess and saying ‘NEET was the reason for students getting poor marks in Tamil language’ to please his masaters.

In February this year, Annamalai alleged that the state intelligence wing had been listening in on his phone calls, charging that the state intelligence team was mounting “personal attacks” against him and that he had “screenshots of WhatsApp chats” to prove it. He also claimed that the intelligence department was controlling the entire police force and that the ADGP, Intelligence, Devaasirvatham, was acting as the state police chief.


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