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Homeசுய முன்னேற்றம்விவசாய சட்ட மசோதா 2020 தீர்வு என்ன? அண்ணாமலை தரும் விளக்கம்!

விவசாய சட்ட மசோதா 2020 தீர்வு என்ன? அண்ணாமலை தரும் விளக்கம்!

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விவசாய சட்ட மசோதா 2020 தீர்வு என்ன? அண்ணாமலை தரும் விளக்கம்!

வளமான தமிழகம்!! வலிமையான பாரதம்!!

Annaamalai was totally unknown till 2019 to Tamil Nadu until he resigned came back to karur and started his social work, farming and started addressing students and youths.

Annaamalai IPS is identified as a youthful, rising figure in Tamil Nadu. His academic achievement made him to address a big group before the President of India at the Asoka Hall of Rastrapathi Bhavan. As I would see it, no politician has accomplished this in Tamil Nadu.

We can understand through his speech that he has a big a vision for the state and its future. His speeches are empowering, energetic and a good lesson to the youths. His speech talks about national, state and world politics which shows his insight in politics.

He addresses the press with dignity and respect to the journalists. We never witness this with the Tamil Nadu politicians. This shows Annamalai is diffident than the current politicians and he will work for our future.

His speech is very simple straightforward that consistently addresses the national wide politics and makes everyone to understand that we are proud tamilians and brave Indians.

He is a new youthful energetic, educated future leader of Tamil Nadu. He is our hope for youngsters, for our future and for our new Tamil Nadu. Let’s join together to strengthen his hand to achieve our goal of better future and honest governance in Tamil Nadu.


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